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I’m Meagan, a part-time sass and full-time redhead. 

I crave chocolate all hours of the day, and I’d rather be watching a romantic comedy next to my dogs.

I’m a youngin’ who graduated with an Associates in Arts and a Vet Assistant certification in October of 2014. Animals are my passion, and it’s always been my dream to save them.

I recently made the switch from a very unhappy full-time retail worker to pursue the life I’m meant to live.

So, why did I chose to work retail full time if animals are my passion? Well, I live my life a iitsy bitsy teeny weeny different.

I’m a recovering self-harm addict diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety, OCD, and major depression.

I applied to countless jobs that involved animals, and I even landed a couple interviews. But my anxiety was beyond terrible at that time, and I could never even make it to the interviews. Family issues were out of control, and I would have panic attacks and cry every single night because of it. I felt like one big failure.

Soon after Christmas 2014, I was offered a job promotion at a job I already hated. I contemplated for a good week on whether or not this was the choice for me. I made the decision to sign my life over to retail, because I wanted something in my life to be progress.

It did anything but that.

My anxiety only got worse, and my depression only got deeper.

Exactly a year to the day, I stepped down from my full-time position. And not only did I step down, I actually built up the tremendous courage to tell them that I was leaving.

I’m doing every thing I can to get my life back together.

Luckily, I have my boogerbrain to walk through my journey with me. If it weren’t for him, I would be nowhere close to where I am today.

Meagan and Alex

Even though every day is a struggle, I refuse to say that I suffer from my mental illnesses. Every single day I work my best at making my mind and body work as one strong core.

I’ve joined the mental health community, and I’m no longer afraid of the stigma. 

I’m strong and forgiving. I’m open, and I am no longer afraid to express myself.

This, my friends, has become my passion.

And now I want to share all of my personal information from managing anxiety to fighting depression to being a better person with y’all.

This journey of mine is never going to be easy, but I plan to make every day worth every second.

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