Grab your life-changing writing prompts in my digital anxiety journal! 👇

💛 Do you feel like your anxiety controls every decision you make?

💛 Does going to bed suck, because you know you're going to have to wake up with a racing heartbeat again — just like yesterday morning?

💛 Does the thought of not having anxiety ACTUALLY GIVE you anxiety?

Trust me, I get it. Completely.

Anxiety Journal is designed to help you:

✨ cope and manage your daily anxiety

✨ incorporate self-care into your everyday routine

✨ learn to love yourself unconditionally

✨ change your thoughts to let your anxiety go once and for all

Daily Prompts

80+ journal prompts featuring questions on anxiety, recovery, gratitude, and more!

Mood Tracker

Check off your current mood of the day above each writing prompt!

Fillable PDF

Journal can be typed directly on your computer or device - or you can simply print it out!

Here's what you'll get:

💜 Daily journal prompts for Reflection, Preparing for Anxiety, During Anxiety, Recovery, Self-Care, Self-Love, & Gratitude

💜 Discover irrational thinking patterns and turn them into constructive, positive thinking patterns

💜 Track your current mood to see how it correlates to your anxiety

💜 Learn coping mechanisms to become braver than ever before

I promise, you are ready for this!


Tired of feeling in anxiety jail? You are more than capable of breaking free!

stop feeling weighed down

No more keeping your anxious thoughts and feelings to yourself! You're ready to express yourself!

Now is the perfect time

Anxiety has kept you in jail for years. You're ready to live a life free from daily anxiety. Yes, it's time!

Frequently Asked Questions

is this a physical journal ?

Anxiety Journal is a digital PDF file where you download and save straight to your device. You’re more than welcome to print the prompts and journal by hand. 🙂

How do i receive the journal ?

Upon purchasing, you’ll be directed to a sign up form for Podia. This is where the base copy will be stored if you ever need to redownload or wish to start the journal over again.

What is your refund policy ?

Due to the nature of the product, we typically do not offer refunds on digital products.

If you have not yet downloaded your product, please reach out to us within the first 7 days of your purchase.

You can read our Refund Policy here.

What other resources do you have ?

Check out my Anxiety Archives, where you’ll find all my posts about anxiety on Okay Now Breathe.