8 Disgusting Ingredients You Don’t Know You’re Eating

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Let’s just say the food industry likes to lie to us. They like to deceive us. Things we thought we knew just aren’t as they seem.

If we actually knew what we were putting into our bodies, we would buy our food completely differently. We would be much more conscious. We would be voting with our dollar.

Here are 8 disgusting ingredients you probably don’t know you’re eating:

8 Disgusting Ingredients You Don’t Know You’re Eating


Do you like gummy candy, marshmallows, or yogurt? Well then, you’re most likely eating skin, bones, and ligaments.

That’s right. Gelatin is nothing more than from pigskins, cattle bones and cattle hides boiled at an extremely high temperature. Doesn’t sound as appetizing right?

But don’t worry. You can still eat the foods you like. Try Dandie’s marshmallows. They taste exactly like the real deal. There’s also several gummies and yogurts with gelatin alternatives.


Yummmm. Bread with feathers and hair. Yep. L. Cysteine is feathers and animal or human hair.

Lots of prepackaged breads and baked goods contain this disgusting ingredient. They figured “feathers and hair” wouldn’t go over so easy on the ingredient list.

Carefully read labels. You’re going to be safer at independent bakeries, or by making your own bread and bagels.


How many of you wake up to scrambled eggs every morning? Nothing like a chicken’s menstrual cycle to wake you up in the morning.

That’s right. Eggs are nothing more than a chicken’s period. So, if you can’t even stand your wife being on her period, then maybe you should ask yourself why you eat eggs.

There are several alternatives for eggs. Instead, try Follow Your Heart eggs or make a tofu scramble. You can even have poached eggs. For baking, you can make flax or chia seed eggs, which are way healthier than your cholesterol-filled chicken eggs.


Shellac, also known as confectioner’s glaze, is nothing more than insect-derived excretions. It can also be labeled as “resinous glaze”, “natural glaze”, or “pure food glaze”.

You can most likely find this ingredient in candies that have a super glossy sheen, like Red Hots and Jelly Beans.


Carmine is another buggy situation. Did you know that your red food coloring is most likely made from crushed beetles?

Yep, carmine is cochineal bugs ground up. It’s also labeled as “cochineal extract”, “carmine”, “crimson lake”, “natural red 4”, and “E120”.

It can be found in several foods, beverages, and cosmetics.


Okay, so you might not actually be eating isinglass, but you could definitely be drinking something filtered with it.

Isinglass is a clarifying agent used in winemaking and beer brewing. It is derived from fish bladders.

Cheers to another reason why I don’t drink.


Urea is nothing more than animal’s pee. It’s not as common as some of the other ones, but you’d be surprised.

It can be found in things like pretzels. Urea can also be found in cigarettes, skin cream, moisturizers, and hair conditioners. Go ahead. Put that pee all over you.


Mmm. Beaver butt juice. Beaver anal glands are said to give a great vanilla flavoring and scent to many baked goods and candy.

A lot of the time labels don’t even put the word castoreum on the list. They prefer to call it “natural flavoring”.

So next time you eat something like vanilla ice cream…ask your self if you just got up, close, and personal with a beaver’s butt.

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Have you heard about any of these ingredients? What foods did I miss?


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