Is self-harm your #1 coping mechanism?

Have you been trying to recover, but you just can’t seem to stop

Do you love someone who has a self-harm dependency?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then How I Went From Self-Harm Addict to Self-Harm Survivor is for you!

“One thing I learned from recovery is that it is not linear. You will rise, and you will fall. But you will rise again.”

Through my personal experiences, How I Went From Self-Harm Addict to Self-Harm Survivor is designed to help you:

  • Discover the reasons why you self-harm
  • Identify and understand your triggers
  • Learn mindfulness and how to apply it to your recovery
  • Uncover 100+ self-harm alternatives
  • Figure out what to do if you relapse


How I Went From Self-Harm Addict to Self-Harm Survivor is an all inclusive PDF eBook.

Find out what’s included:

✰ My 12-year Self-Harm Addiction Story from 14 to 26 years old.

✰ Mindfulness techniques to help you with any self injury urges

✰ 100+ healthy alternatives to take when you feel like self-harming

✰ Resources to help you fully recover

✰ Actions to take if you do relapse


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“Since I made this huge, enormous accomplishment, I’m happier. I’m stronger…I can do anything. And I will continue to take recovery day by day. Hour by hour. Breath by breath.”

About The Author

Meagan has been advocating for mental health for the past five years but has been living with mental illness since her earliest memories. To this day, she is constantly choosing recovery from various anxiety disorders, depression, and self-harm. She also has a mental health podcast at Okay Now Breathe Podcast.