June Monthly Wrap-Up: Life Updates, Favorites & Blog Stats

June Monthly Wrap-Up: Life Updates, Favorites & Blog Stats

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Wow. Another month went by at lightening speed. How is June over already? And more importantly, how the heck is 2017 already more than half over?!

June was a big ole bag of emotions. So much has happened in my life this month, both good and absolutely terrible.

In my June Monthly Wrap-Wrap, I talk about my life updates. as well as what I’ve been loving. I’ve also included my blog stats this month to show you that you too can earn money online!



June was my birthday month, so I went on a little relaxing staycation with my boyfriend for a couple days. I absolutely love my time away with him, and I try to cherish every minute I can. They always go by way too fast.

This trip mainly consisted of us watching TV, going to a children’s museum, and eating vegan food. A complete win for my now 24 year old self!

vegan BBQ wingz

Oh, and he used Groupon for the majority of the trip, so we were able to save a good amount of money. I clearly taught him well.


Another exciting vegan thing happened in June: Chicago Vegan and Drink Fest. Of course, I had to be there or be square.

It was really hot and the lines were obnoxiously long, but I was excited to see so many people coming out to support the vegan food and lifestyle. I’d definitely go again in a heartbeat.


If you wanna follow more vegan adventures, be sure to follow my Instagram. I pretty much only post pictures of food!


And now the hard part…I don’t want this to be real. A week ago, on June 26, we had to put the light of my life down.

The wound is still fresh, and I imagine it will be stinging for a very long time. It’s been a huge struggle for me in all areas of my life. She was with me since I was 9 years old, so you can imagine how massive of a change this is for me.

Rest in peace, baby girl

She was my everything. She will always be my everything.

I plan to dedicate an entire post to her and our memories, but I still need time to mourn and grieve the loss of my best friend of nearly 15 years.



Who am I kidding? The Sims 2 will always be one of my favorite games of all time. I own every single expansion pack, and I’m working on getting all the stuff packs to complete the entire collection.

Still, I got back into playing it in June, because my sister bought me a new monitor for my birthday. We could play on our old one, but the sound didn’t work, and that just took away from the gameplay.

And no, I’m not sorry if I accidentally play Sims instead of working. #yolo


I’ve only worn makeup a couple times this month, but each and every time I did, I used e.l.f.’s Nude Rose Gold eyeshadow palette. I don’t know what it is about it, but man, I can’t stop using it.

I admit, the shimmers aren’t that great when they aren’t applied with a finger or with a wet brush, but I would buy this palette again and again just for the mattes.

Because confession: I even used this palette on my eyes when I decided to just stay in my pajamas all day.


GUYS. I found my favorite mascara ever. Pacifica Stellar Gaze Length & Strength Mascara has been a dream come true. It’s cruelty-free and vegan, which is still so hard to come by for some reason.

With just one coat, my lashes look so much longer. I also find that the mascara holds my curl, and the mascara does not transfer. However, it is easy to remove at the end of the night.

The mascara is more of a wet formula, so if you don’t like that, you might not like this mascara. Also the wand is quite big, but I still find it easy to manage.


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  • Blog Views: 11,414 vs 9321 last month
  • Pinterest: 1837 vs 1575 last month
  • Twitter: 1044 vs 1020 last month
  • Bloglovin: 39 vs 35 last month
  • Instagram: 113 vs 103 last month
  • Email Subscribers: 198 vs 182 last month

I owe my growth this month to Tailwind. I started to implement Tailwind Tribes, and that has been a huge game changer for me. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for my blog! You can try Tailwind free, but I’m sure you’ll upgrade as soon as you see the results!


Not too shabby, considering every thing that happened this past month. I hope to only increase my income more and more each month, but I won’t be too upset if I don’t next month, because I know summer months usually lead to lower traffic and income for most bloggers.

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  • Declutter my house: [FAIL] I did declutter some but not as much as I would’ve liked.
  • Read more: [FAIL] Granted, I did have a lot going on this month, but I still definitely would’ve liked to read more.
  • Have an awesome birthday: [PASS] My birthday was relaxing and I got to spend it with my love. I’ll just forget about my panic attack and cry fest at the end of the night.


  • Reach 12,000 page views: I hope to promote more, and not let anxiety get in the way!
  • Reach 1,900 followers on Pinterest: With continued use of Tailwind, I think I’ll be able to achieve this with little effort.
  • Increase my income: Find new ways to make income and find easier ways to do so.
  • Walk my dog Summer at least 3 times per week: It’s a great way for me to get outside, get some exercise, and spend some quality time with best friend.

So there you have it. June was quite a whirlwind of a month. A lot of unexpected changes happened, so I hope July will bring peace to my life.

What are your goals for July? Let us know in the comments below!

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