Make Some Serious Cash by Answering Surveys in Your Free Time

Make Some Serious Cash by Answering Surveys in Your Free Time

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Little known fact about me: answering surveys is how I pay for all the presents I give to people. Just by answering a couple surveys in my free time, I get to buy my loved ones birthday, anniversary, and Christmas presents.

You can answer surveys whenever and wherever. Watching TV? Answer a survey during commercial break. Waiting for dinner to get out of the oven? Answer a survey or two.

Through trial and error, these are my top favorite survey panels I’m apart of. I make extra money from each and every month.


MyPoints is one of my absolute favorite panels I’m apart of. The surveys are short, and they cover a variety of interesting topics. Even if you don’t qualify for a survey, you’ll still be rewarded 5 points.

You can also earn by reading emails, watching videos, shopping, and completing other various activities. There’s a lot to do on the site, and I love to check it out throughout the day to maximize my earnings.

MyPoints can be redeemed through different gift cards of your choice, like Amazon, Target, and PayPal.


Survey Junkie is quickly becoming another one of my favorite survey panels. Within a day, I already earned $5.00 with very minimal effort.

The surveys are interesting and only take a couple minutes of your time. Even if you don’t qualify for the survey, you’ll be compensated for your efforts.

Check back throughout the day to maximize your earnings.


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Swagbucks is my absolutely favorite way to earn some extra spending money. If you attempt a survey but don’t qualify, you’ll still earn 1 SB.

You can also make money by playing games, watching videos, searching the web, and completing various activities. Through SB, you can even get cash back for your purchases.

Swagbucks is probably the easiest way to earn gift cards out there. Gift cards for places like Amazon, eBay, and Target start at just 300 SB, which converts into a $3 gift card. But I easily make at least $15 a month with Swagbucks.

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You can make money by answering the daily poll and surveys, reading emails, using the search engine, and completing different offers through Inbox Dollars.

I almost always have the TV part of this site playing in the background whenever I’m on the computer. I also run the app on my phone when I’m watching TV or a movie. It’s a pretty effortless way to make extra cash, and I only just started using it recently.

If you sign up through my link here, you’ll automatically receive $5.00 into your account for a sign up bonus. You need to earn $30.00 before you can cash out for a check or prepaid Visa. That’s a good chunk of change to help purchase your presents this year.

5. I-SAY

I-Say is a survey site that has one of the best earning potentials out there. Most surveys are between 15 and 25 minutes, and you’ll be rewarded between 45 and 90 points. If your qualifications don’t match the target audience, you’ll still be rewarded 5 points for your attempt.

At the end of each survey you take, you’ll even be offered to enter in a drawing of your choice of 4 prizes. All you gotta do is make a prediction for a poll question. The closer you get to the right answer, the more entries you earn.

I earn a minimum of $5 per month with little effort.


Pinecone Research is another of my favorite survey companies. The surveys are shorter than 5 minutes long. And the payout is at least $3 per survey, which is the best around.

The only downside is that these survey opportunities are emailed to you, so you can’t pick when or how many you want to take.

With very little effort, I earn a minimum of $6 a month.


Vindale has very high earning potential, and they always have interesting surveys available. Surveys range from around 5 to 30 minutes each. You can also earn by watching videos and entering bonus codes.

Be sure to also check out Vindale’s amazing referral program. For every member you refer, you earn $5.


PaidViewpoint has very simple 10 questions surveys, which makes them have the shortest surveys available. The more surveys you answer, the more you you qualify for. Payment for each survey starts at $0.10, and you should expect at least one new survey a day.

You can cash out once you earn $15.


It’s very easy to rack up money with Earning Station. Every morning I answer the daily poll, look at their offers, watch a video, and answer a survey worth $1.50. I’ll then check back throughout the day and answer more surveys.

Don’t forget to sign up to five other survey panels, and you’ll get $10 into your bank account.

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What are your favorite survey companies? Let us know in the comments below!

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