I’m Making These Mental Health Goals for 2018

I'm Making These Mental Health Goals for 2018

2017 is over, and now it’s the start of new beginnings. All in all, 2017 was a terribly tough year.

I had to put my beloved dog to sleep after being best friends for almost 15 years. My parent’s divorce was finalized after an exhausting, emotionally-draining two year battle. My dad’s alcohol addiction is at an all-time high, and I had to save his life twice because of it. And now I’m forced to move 600 miles away because of mom caring more about money than her children. (Read more about that here)

More than anything, I need 2018 to be a better year form me. Keep reading for my goals I want to accomplish for 2018.

My Mental Health Goals for 2018


Let’s take a look at my 2017 goals and see if I’ve accomplished them.

1. Go to therapy again [MISSED – but still REACHED through self-help books and audios]
2. Recover from my depression [REACHED – have very few low days now]
  • Consider medication options [no]
  • Find better coping strategies [yes]
3. Face my social anxiety [REACHED]
  • Overcome my fear of talking on the phone [no]
  • Reach out to old friends [yes]
  • Spread the vegan message [yes]
  • Learn to be able to ask questions [sorta]
4. Face generalized anxiety [CHANGED MY GOALS]
  • Get at least one of the tattoos I’ve always wanted [no]
  • Get my nose pierced [no longer want]
  • Travel more [yes]
5. Become 1 year self-harm free [REACHED]
  • Find better coping mechanisms [yes]
  • Find support groups [no]
6. Improve my blog [REACHED]
  • Increase my pageviews [yes]
  • Increase my income [yes]
  • Guest post on other blogs [no]
  • Reach out to companies [sorta]
7. Be healthier [MISSED]
  • Do yoga a lot more often [no]
  • Workout a few times a week [no]
  • Cut out more processed foods [yes]

2018 GOALS

Now for the part I’m excited about…

1. Improve my blog
  • Create my first product
  • Increase my pageviews
  • Increase my income
  • Grow my email list
  • Guest post on other blogs
  • Work with companies
2. Travel more
  • Nashville, TN
  • Chicago, IL
  • Galena, IL
3. Volunteer
  • Gentle Barn
4. Start YouTube channel
  • Break my fears
  • Vegan videos
  • Mental health videos
  • Minimalism/Organization videos
5. Grow my social media
6. Be more active
  • Hike more
  • Do yoga more
7. Get my life organized
  • Designate a working schedule
  • Keep up with my planner

I’m going to work my butt off to accomplish these goals. I hope 2018 only brings good things.

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What are your goals for 2018? Leave them in the comments below!


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