5 Adoring Benefits of Intercultural Relationships

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Intercultural relationships can sometimes be difficult to navigate, but I believe the benefits outweigh any challenges.

I’ve been in an intercultural relationship since 2013, and I’ve learned the ins and outs of being in an intercultural relationship.

Being in one can be hard at times, but the perks of being in one far outweigh the bad.

5 Benefits of Intercultural Relationships


Trying to take a picture with someone with a different skin tone than yours can be very challenging

This makes for very interesting pictures, because the lighting never seems to be just right for my boyfriend and me.

If you find a white Crayola crayon and rubbed it on my skin, you wouldn’t even be able to tell where you put it, because I’m that pale.

My boyfriend, on the other hand, starts to tan just by looking at the sun from the inside of his house.

If we take a picture with more darkness, then he just sort of blends into the darkness of the background.

If he wants to be clearly visible in a picture, then we have to go somewhere with a lot of light.

The problem is that I’m pretty much left out of the picture because basically only my eyes and red hair will show up.



Before I started seeing my boyfriend (who’s Mexican), I loved Mexican food. And when I say love, I mean it’s a hunka hunka burning love for Mexican food. 

The only thing that changed since we started dating was that I’m now forced to eat spicy food.

As in, my boyfriend claims that this food isn’t spicy at all, but my eyes start to water as soon as I take a bite.


A lot of the time when I’m in my boyfriend’s parents’ house, I’ll hear a lot of different styles of Mexican music blaring through the house.

I’ve been exposed to anything from Mexican pop to mariachi music. You can feel the culture pumping through the walls of the house.

Family Life

Not only that, but I’ve also learned that a lot of love runs through my boyfriend’s family.

Any time I’ve been around his extended family, I’ve always been greeted with a kiss on the cheek and a warm smile.

Even if it was the first time I was meeting them.


While my boyfriend doesn’t speak much Spanish, everyone else in his household speaks it pretty much the whole time.

This tends to put me out of my comfort zone a lot, but a perk of being out of my comfort zone is that I naturally picked up on little parts of the language for being around it so often.

Plus, there’s something incredibly sexy about someone speaking to you in another language.


Whether personality traits are inherited or caused by our environments, they tend to be passed down from generation to generation. 

I have a lot of Italian and Irish in me, so yes, I feel my ancestors are to blame for my loudness and stubbornness.

My boyfriend’s mom is a first-generation citizen and his dad is an immigrant, so he has close ties to the Mexican culture.

Growing up, my boyfriend was taught to be hardworking, religious, and family-oriented. He also experienced a lot of tough love coming from his dad’s side.

We discovered that some of the traits we learned growing up our harmful to ourselves and our relationship, and we continue to work on them to become better people for each other.


I’m so glad we live in a time where the majority of intercultural and interracial relationships are accepted.

Still, I’d be lying if I said we didn’t get stares from time to time.

But this only makes us hold each other’s hand tighter. It makes us hug each other a little longer. This only makes our love stronger. 

I’m grateful for all I’ve learned in my relationship, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Benefits of Intercultural Relationships

We’re all human, regardless of skin tone, language, and beliefs.

Love is love is love.

Remember that.

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