75 Random Acts of Kindness for Under $1

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We all get so caught up in our own lives. Time always gets away from us, and we hardly have any time for ourselves. But you know what? It only takes a couple of seconds to make someone else’s day.

It feels so good to give back, and I always do on any occasion I can get. I encourage everyone who is reading this post to spread kindness wherever you go. You never know. You just might save someone’s life.

Here are 75 random acts of kindness:

75 Random Acts of Kindness for Under $1

    1. Search with Goodsearch: Every time you search through Goodsearch, money goes to a cause of your choice
    2. Purchase through smile.amazon.com: Every time you buy through Amazon, make sure you use smile.amazon.com in order to donate some back to charity
    3. Stick up for someone being bullied: Show them that someone cares
    4. Buy products that give back to charity: These are a few of my favorites
    5. Put money in the tip jar: Not enough people do this
    6. Become an organ donor: If you aren’t already, you can sign up
    7. Click to Give: All you gotta do is click the little button on each of the 10 websites to donate to various foundations
    8. Let someone check out before you: If someone only has a few items, let them go ahead of you
    9. Hold the elevator: Someone could be running late and you could help them be on time
    10. Play Freerice.com: Free Rice is a non-profit website where every trivia question answered right goes to the World Food Programme
    11. Volunteer: My favorite place to volunteer at is an animal shelter
    12. Donate your hair: I donated mine to Locks of Love when I was 13.
    13. Hold the door open for a stranger: Just wait a couple seconds for the person behind you
    14. Write a nice comment instead of a mean one: Online is the easiest place to be a mean person. Say something nice instead
    15. Let a car merge in front of you: Be a courteous driver
    16. Write a thank you note: Show someone you truly appreciate them
    17. Put spare change in donation boxes: You can always find them by the register
    18. Surprise someone with dinner: Nothing says I love you like a homecooked meal
    19. Donate your clothes: Declutter your closet and help someone in return
    20. Help someone put their groceries in their car
    21. Help someone who’s struggling to hold the bags: Help them carry them inside
    22. Use reusable bags: Help save the environment
    23. Listen to someone who’s struggling: Let them know you’re there for them
    24. Hand the waiter your dirty dishes: It’s one less thing they have to worry about
    25. Say yes to the dollar donation: Stores often ask for a dollar donation. Say yes this time
    26. Give someone a back massage: After a long day of work, a massage could be just what someone needs
    27. Pick up trash around the neighborhood: If you see garbage near a trash can, put it where it belongs
    28. Recycle: Seriously. It’s not that hard
    29. Click with Care2: Click to donate to various causes
    30. Give change to street performers: Compliment them on their talents
    31. Let someone have your parking spot: Get some exercise and park a little further
    32. Make soup for someone who’s sick: Nothing taste like homemade soup does
    33. Give a homeless person your leftovers: That might be their only meal all day
    34. Always say please and thank you: Be polite and have manners
    35. Tell someone to have a good day: And actually mean it
    36. Put your shopping cart back: Make someone else’s job easier
    37. Clean up after yourself at the movies: Don’t be a slob. There’s always a garbage can on the way out
    38. Put your phone away at the table: Engage in actual conversation
    39. Give someone a hug who’s having a bad day: A hug releases so many good hormones
    40. Give a compliment: Make someone’s day
    41. Help shovel a neighbor’s driveway: There was a snowpocalypse a few years back, and everyone in the neighborhood helped each other out.
    42. Leave a positive note: Stick it on the bathroom mirror
    43. Leave a letter: Put it in a library book
    44. Text something encouraging: Let someone know you’re proud of them
    45. Write a handwritten letter: Forget about today’s way of communicating
    46. Be nice to someone you dislike: Be the bigger person
    47. Offer to take pictures for a tourist: Take a picture for them, so the whole group can be included
    48. Help someone with their homework: If you know the subject, don’t let them struggle
    49. Smile at a stranger: The world needs more smiles
    50. Free Kibble: Answer questions on Free Kibble and donate food for animals
    51. Tell someone what you like about them: Focus on internal qualities
    52. Give out extra candy on Halloween: Spread the love and give some to service workers
    53. Give directions to someone who’s lost: Help release someone’s anxiety
    54. Give a generous tip to your waiter: They probably deal with crappy customers all day
    55. Do someone else’s laundry: I help sort my boyfriend’s socks, because it’s really not one of his talents
    56. Exchange shifts at work: A coworker could really need it
    57. Give away extra baked goods: Give them to your neighbors
    58. Write happy messages with chalk: Put them on the sidewalk so everyone who passes sees it
    59. Donate blood: It could save someone’s life
    60. Pay for a strangers meal: Pay for the person behind you in line
    61. Help a friend look for a job: Search online for job postings
    62. Be genuinely happy for someone: Celebrate their good news
    63. Put change in the vending machine: Help pay for someone’s food
    64. Pack extra food: Give some to someone who forgot their lunch
    65. Stop at a kid’s lemonade stand: You might be there only customer
    66. Donate canned goods: Your food pantry could really use them
    67. Babysit for free: If they find a babysitter last minute, offer to help
    68. Pet sit for free: Hang out with animals for free
    69. Bring in your friend’s mail: I always bring in my boyfriend’s mail on my way to the door
    70. Sign petitions: Look around and sign for causes you believe in
    71. Answer4Earth: Every correct answer you give helps plant a tree
    72. Play make-believe with a child: You’re never too old
    73. Dance with a stranger: Be someone’s partner
    74. Refuse to shop on Holidays: Let people have their Thanksgiving and Christmas
    75. Say I love you: Don’t be afraid to tell someone what they mean to you

Go ahead. Be kind. Just see how great you feel.

What ways do you show kindness to the world?


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