25 Things Men Can Do to Score Big Points From Women

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There are some big differences when it comes to men and females, because men and women essentially speak different languages. Meaning, we tend to communicate very differently. If you’ve ever read Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, then you probably know what I’m talking about.

And for the majority of women, actions speak louder than words. The little things tend to matter the most for women.

These 25 things men can do to score big points with women are focused on the little things that are filled with big love.

If you haven’t read 25 things women can do to score big points from men, go check it out now!

25 Things Men Can Do to Score Big Points From Women

1. Validate her feelings when she’s upset
2. Give her uninterrupted quality time. Especially away from your cellphone!
3. Maintain eye contact when she’s talking to you
4. Resist the temptation to solve her problems by listening to her and asking questions
5. Plan a date several days in advance instead of the night of
6. Pick the restaurant instead of putting that decision on her
7. Greet her immediately with a hug and kiss when you get home
8. Kiss her goodbye when you leave
9. Call her and let her know you’re going to be late
10. Treat her in ways you did at the beginning of your relationship
11. Surprise her with unexpected flowers
12. Open the door for her
13. Display affection in public and especially around your friends
14. Pay more attention to her than others in public
15. Tell her “I love you” multiple times throughout the day
16. If she’s feeling sick, make her some homemade soup
17. If she cooks, offer to do the dishes for her
18. Offer to help her when she’s feeling tired
19. Say thank you when she does something for you
20. Write her a meaningful love letter
21. Remember to put the toilet seat down
22. Show her a song that reminds you of her
23. Ask her specific questions about her day that show you were paying attention to what she was planning on doing
24. Tell her what’s going on in your head
25. When she asks for support, don’t make her feel wrong for asking


To wrap up…

If you haven’t checked out 25 things women can do to score big points from men, go read it out now! Also, take a look at the best-selling book, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus. It’ll give you a better view of the general differences between men and women.


What are some ways men can score big points from women that aren’t listed above? Share in the comments below!


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