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💗 Does your dad constantly invalidate how he treated you in much that you've started to second guess if your experiences were even real?

💗 Are you constantly having to walk on eggshells and tiptoe around conversations with your mom, because you don't know when she's going to lose her temper again?

💗 Do you worry that if you finally start to unravel your childhood trauma you'll uncover memories of abuse you worked so hard at forgetting?

Trust me, I've been there too 😔

Hi there, I'm Meagan! 👋

I was forced head first into my inner child healing journey in 2014 when my mom blabbered to my family that I was sexually abused by a family member during childhood.

Throughout childhood, I was abused. I was neglected. I was made to feel like I deserved it.

And after going back and forth for years trying to repair a relationship with my mom, only to be completely let down and heartbroken again and again and again…I officially cut ties with my mom at the end of 2017.

Since then, I’ve found my voice. I’ve found my truth. And I’ve found myself.

It's become my mission in life to help people like your validate your childhood trauma & find the inner strength & power to heal on a soul level.

Ultimate Inner Child Healing Bundle is designed to help you:

✨ identify the impact your parents, siblings & childhood friends have had on you

✨ locate the pivotal events in your life that shaped you into who your are today

✨ determine the critical boundaries missing in your life

✨ learn to validate your childhood trauma & experiences

✨ release hidden emotional pain blocking you from healing

You get all of these healing products 👇

The Better Beginnings Boundary Workbook ($27)

Inner Child Healing Journal ($17)

My Self-Love Journal ($17)

Ending a Toxic Relationship Worksheets ($4)

Learning to Let Go of the Past Worksheet ($3)

Crisis Safety Plan Worksheet ($3)

Make a Decision Worksheet ($3)

Meditation Tracker & Log Pack ($5)

Sleep Log & Tracker Pack ($5)

Medication Tracker Pack ($5)

A $89 VALUE FOR $57

💭 What would happen if you never decide to heal from your childhood?

💭 What would happen to your quality of life?

💭 Would you feel like you'd be able to live life to the absolute fullest?

Stop Invalidating Yourself

You've been invalidated your entire life. It's time you start seeing your truth.

Stop Letting Others Control You

You are ready to live your life by your rules. Healing from childhood helps you do that.

Break the Cycle

You are the one who gets to break the cycle of generational abuse and trauma.

Let's take a deeper look:


💗 Identify which beliefs from childhood cause you pain in adulthood

💗 Discover WHY CHOOSING HEALING IS the best thing you could possibly do

💗 Learn self-forgiveness, relieve emotional pain, & truly know your self-worth



🤔 Is it easier to go through life knowing you lived through trauma but thinking you don't deserve an ounce of healing?

🤔 Does avoiding your healing make living with the painful memories of trauma, pain, and abuse more tolerable?

No, it does not.

💗 The Better Beginnings Boundary workbook ($27)

💗 Inner child healing journal ($17)

💗 my self-love journal ($17)

💗 ending a toxic relationship worksheet bundle ($4)

💗 learning to let go printable ($3)

💗 crisis safety plan ($3)

💗 make a decision worksheet ($3)

💗 meditation tracker pack ($5)

💗 medication tracker pack ($5)

💗 sleep & dream printable pack ($5)

Here's what you'll get:

10 Products

Each item is accompanied with comforting words to help you dive deep into your healing from your childhood.

Guided Journals

From your childhood home life to recovering lost memories, you'll answer thought-provoking questions.


Devote yourself to boundaries, your relationships, and your self-worth while you prioritize healing.



Let's see what results inner child warriors have gotten! 👇

A $89 VALUE FOR $57

Frequently Asked Questions

is this a physical bundle?

To keep costs low for you, the Ultimate Inner Child Healing Bundle is full of digital PDF files that you can download and save straight to your device.

I highly recommend printing the items out, so you can write directly on them! I put mine in a binder 😊

How do i receive the Bundle?

Upon purchasing, you’ll be directed to a sign up form for Podia

This is where the base copy will be stored if you ever need to redownload or wish to start the bundle over again.

Will you be adding more to the bundle in the future?

I’m always trying to find more ways to help you heal your inner child, which means I’m constantly creating things to better serve you!

That being said, I will definitely be adding to the Ultimate Inner Child Healing Bundle in the future!

Everyone who purchases gets free lifetime updates, so if you’re considering purchasing I recommend doing so sooner rather than later, because as new products are added, the price will increase to reflect that.

I'm bad at writing. Do you think this will still help me?

Oh my gosh! Abso-freaking-lutely!

I know with trauma, it can feel like second nature to judge yourself. To not think you’re good enough.

But I promise, journaling for your inner child is not about judging yourself, and it’s certainly not about writing perfectly.

You’re not being graded on what you write. It doesn’t matter if you spell things right or use correct grammar, and you don’t have to share your words with anyone else.

This means you shouldn’t feel ashamed or embarrassed when you express yourself! (But I know that’s easier said than done…)

I'm confused. What is an "inner child"?

Great question! No matter how old we are, we all have an inner child.

I like to think of our inner child as our soul. Our inner child is our true self.

It’s our creativity. It’s our passion. It’s our playfulness and spontaneity.

It stores emotions, memories, and beliefs from the past, as well as our hopes, desires, and dreams for the future.

Our inner child can become substantially damaged by trauma, abuse, and neglect.

That’s why the Ultimate Inner Child Bundle is tremendously beneficial at diving deep into your soul.

What is your refund policy?

Due to the nature of the product, we typically do not offer refunds on digital products.

If you have not yet downloaded your product, please reach out to us within the first 7 days of your purchase.

You can read our Refund Policy here.

A $89 VALUE FOR $57