Hey there!

I’m Meagan, a part-time sass and full-time redhead. 

I crave chocolate all hours of the day, and I’d rather be watching a romantic comedy or crime documentary next to my dogs.

Oh, and I’m a recovered self-harm addict living with generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety, ROCD, and depression.

I’ve been living with anxiety for over 20 years and depression for over 10 years. Throughout the years, my anxiety only got worse, and my depression only got deeper.

I quit my full-time retail job back in 2016, because my anxiety and depression took over my life. My self-harm addiction was in its prime, and my Relationship OCD controlled my life. 

But since then, I’ve been doing everything I can to get my life back together.

I’ve joined the mental health community, and I’m no longer afraid of the stigma. I talk a lot about my experiences on my Instagram and Facebook page.

Even though every day is a struggle, I work my best at making my mind and body work as one strong core.

And now I want to share all of my personal information from managing anxiety to fighting depression to becoming a better person with y’all.

This journey of mine is never easy, but I plan to make every day worth every second.

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