Okay Now Breathe Podcast

Life is all about living an aligned, more fulfilling life.

Okay Now Breathe Podcast is dedicated to mental health, personal development, and learning to love yourself ‒ with a sprinkle of spirituality!

Through personal experiences, I give insight into how I cope with and manage my mental illnesses by becoming the best possible version of myself!


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I FEEL FAT 😞 Wearing Shorts, Diet Culture, and Body Insecurities : Episode #17

Learn why fat isn’t a feeling.

In this episode, I talk about:

⭐ cellulite, stretch marks, and body hair

⭐ problems with the diet industry and fatphobia

⭐ our worth being attached to our weight

OVERCOMING the BATTLE ⚔️ with Self-Harm (& Other Accomplishments): Episode #16

Learn about my battle with self-harm, recovery, and other accomplishments.

My MOST EMBARRASSING Anxiety Symptoms 😳: Episode #15

Find out my most embarrassing anxiety symptoms…and why I’m actually not embarrassed by them.

What Society Gets WRONG About Boundaries ✋🛑: Episode #14

It’s time to start setting real boundaries…with your family.

Nope, Family is NOT Everything 🙅‍♀️🚫: Episode #13

Toxic family members, planning a wedding, and feeling alone.

Where's Our Compassion? 🤔 Finding Balance Between Self-Care & Being a Butthole: Episode #12

Are you living a life filled with compassion?

You Deserve Exceptional Things 🏆 Overcoming Mindset Blocks & Limiting Beliefs : Episode #11

You deserve an exceptional life. Yes, you!

Psst...📢 You are NOT Behind in Life 📢 : Episode #10

Are you feeling behind in life? This is the podcast episode for you!

Don't Feel Guilty for Setting Boundaries 🙅‍♀️ Especially When It's Uncomfortable : Episode #9

In this episode, learn about how to choose yourself and set boundaries. Especially when it’s uncomfortable.

Rising Up 📈 and Facing Life's Challenges 👊 : Episode #8

Rise up in your life daily by learning about the unknown, such as Astrology and Numerology.

EXPOSING My TOXIC Traits and Habits ☠️ : Episode #7

We all have things we can improve on. Listen to this episode to hear me talk about my toxic traits.

Negative Self-Talk 🗯️ and Its Harmful Effect on the World 🌎 : Episode #6

There’s more to negative self-talk than you might know. To find out more, check this episode out!

Sorry, Am I Being Rude? 💬 Realities of Social Anxiety 😰 : Episode #5

On this episode, learn about social anxiety and what it’s like being called rude because of it.

Recovery is NOT Linear, and That's Perfectly Okay 👌 : Episode #4

Recovery is an everyday decision. Learn more in this episode!

Traveling with Anxiety ✈️ Crying and Panic Attacks Galore : Episode #3

What’s it truly like traveling with anxiety? Find out in this episode!

The SHOCKING TRUTH About Self-Care 🤯 : Episode #2

On today’s episode, I share the shocking truth about self-care and what the heck it actually means.

Being a Mental Health Advocate 🧠 in a Stigmatized World 🌎 : Episode #1

On this episode, I share about how and why I became a mental health advocate on Okay Now Breathe in a world that’s filled with stigma.