10 Gifts for Your Depressed Friend (So Comforting and Cozy!)

Gifts for a Depressed Friend

When you’re friend is deeply depressed, it might be difficult to know what gifts to give them.

People living with depression tend to not take much joy in anything, and they seem to not have any interests or hobbies anymore.

Luckily, there are gifts you can give to your friend that will make their lives seem more comfortable  – whether it be for their birthday, Christmas, or a simple This-Made-Me-Think-of-You gift.

5 Symptoms of Adult Separation Anxiety (That are Super Intense)

Symptoms of Adult Separation Anxiety

Nobody wants to admit that they struggle with adult separation anxiety.

There’s a sense of shame when it comes to codependency, and nobody wants to admit that they have dependency challenges.

Nobody wants to admit that they are so dependent on one person and without them being there, they completely shatter.

27 Halloween Tarot and Oracle Decks (So Spooky!)

Halloween Themed Tarot and Oracle Decks

As an avid collector of tarot and oracle decks, I love having different decks themed for the different parts of the year – such as Halloween themed tarot and oracle decks.

This spooky fall holiday brings all the cozy and haunted feelings.

To bring this energy into your readings, opt for the best tarot and oracle decks for Halloween!