17 Healing Crystals for Soothing Depression Symptoms

Healing Crystals for Depression

Using the healing properties of crystals for depression can dramatically improve your self-worth, mood, and outlook on life.

Depression can be completely debilitating, and using the spiritual benefits of crystals can balance out your symptoms.

That being said, this post features 17 of the best crystals to help improve your depression.

12 Meditations for Severe Period Pain (and Other Menstrual Symptoms)

Meditations for Period Pain

When you’re struggling deeply from period pain and cramps, meditation and healing music can provide some much-needed relief.

Sound therapy and healing frequencies can be incredibly beneficial for intense period symptoms, such as severe cramps, anxiety, depression, and irritability.

Whether guided or unguided, using music and meditating can greatly reduce your PMS and menstrual symptoms.

17 Crystals for Period Cramps and Pain (That Actually Help)

Crystals for Period Cramps

When you’re hormonal, every limb is achy, and your boobs are sore beyond reason, grab some crystals for period cramps to alleviate your symptoms.

Whether you’re PMSing or suffering from unbearable period pain, there’s a crystal that can help soothe your ailments.

Luckily, this post features the 17 best crystals for your menstrual cycle.

10 Signs Your Parents Play Favorites (and Why it Freaking Sucks)

Signs Parents Play Favorites

It’s not always intentional, but parents often show signs that they play favorites among their children.

They might relate to, get along with, and approve of one child over their others.

And while it might not be on purpose, parents need to recognize the damage it can do to their kids who feel less loved their siblings.