32 Emotional Songs About Domestic Violence (and Relationship Abuse)

Listening to songs about domestic violence can be a poignant way to address this unthinkable trauma.

Whether you’ve witnessed domestic violence or lived through this horrifying pain, it can sometimes feel like you’re alone in the world.

But the music recommendations on this list can help you realize that relationship abuse and domestic violence are heartbreakingly more common than we think.

17 Weird Ways to Help Fight Your Depression (Without Medication)

Ways to Help Depression Without Medication

Let’s make one thing clear…I do not think taking medication to help depression is bad whatsoever.

I’ve been battling depression on and off since 2007, so I understand just how mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausting it is.

Gratefully, I’ve finally found some positive ways to cope with my depression naturally.

17 Essential Oils for PTSD (to Heal Anxiety and Depression)

Essential Oils for PTSD

Living with PTSD can be unbearably painful and exhausting, but essential oils can help soothe the intense symptoms.

Surviving years of neglect, abuse, and trauma can leave you riddled with anxiety, low self-esteem, and depression.

Essential oils can boost healing, especially when used during journaling, meditation, and therapy sessions.