Dive deep into loving, respecting, and honoring your inner child with this guided Inner Child Healing Journal✍️

Filled with 127 prompts (145 pages!) designed to help you look back on your childhood trauma, reflect on why it’s harmed you, and discover why you are so worthy of healing 💕

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This self-love journal is an incredible tool to add more self-compassion and self-acceptance into your life.

These daily writing prompts include a wide range of thought-provoking self-love topics, from body image acceptance to setting boundaries to healing inner child wounds. 

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The Better Beginnings Boundary Workbook is designed to help you:

✨ locate the critical boundaries missing in your life

✨ learn to stop saying yes when you want to say no

✨ identify the types of self-care you need the most

✨ release hidden emotional pain blocking you from putting yourself first

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