100 Empowering Affirmations for Adults with ADHD (to be Spoken Daily)

Affirmations for Adult ADHD People who struggle with adult ADHD often have very poor self-esteem, and that’s why speaking daily affirmations is so magnetically powerful. Positive affirmations can completely shift how you view yourself and your impact on the world. So, keep on reading to learn just how powerful these 100 affirmations for ADHD are.

11 Essential Subscription Boxes for Periods (in 2021)

Subscription Boxes for Periods Receiving monthly subscription boxes for periods can help ease the stress and discomfort of your monthly visitor. This means, subscribing to a period box means you’ll never run out of tampons and pads, which are total essentials! Plus, depending on which monthly subscription you choose, you’ll receive a handful of self-care […]

10 Weird Ways to Distract Yourself From Anxiety

Ways Distract Yourself from Anxiety There are so many tips on how to distract yourself from anxiety on the internet. The problem is that they’re pretty much all the same. Do yoga. Eat healthily. Breathing exercises. Lather, rinse, repeat. While these are great ideas, trying to fight anxiety isn’t black and white.