21 Powerful Inner Child Healing Meditations (Guided and Unguided)

Healing Meditation for Inner Child

Healing your inner child is no easy feat, but finding the right meditation for you can certainly streamline the process.

This list features both guided and unguided meditations, and I recommend checking all 21 meditations out to see which one resonates the most.

Be prepared to cry, feel anger, and release any blocked childhood wounds.

13 Nostalgic Activities to Reconnect with Your Inner Child

How to Reconnect with Your Inner Child

When you are on your healing journey, you might be searching for ways and activities to reconnect with your inner child.

I’m a sucker for all things nostalgia, and I truly believe participating in nostalgic activities can set your inner child’s soul on fire.

I’m sure the 13 activities featured in this post will unlock some sentimental childhood memories.

17 Magical Crystals for Healing Childhood Trauma (and Emotional Pain)

Crystals for Healing Childhood Trauma

Using the healing properties of crystals can dramatically improve your emotional state during your journey of overcoming childhood trauma.

Neglect, abuse, and trauma changes us as people, and stones and crystals can help us heal and connect with who we truly are.

This post features 17 of the best crystals to help you recover from childhood and emotional trauma.

107 Toxic Parents Quotes (When Mother and Father Are Abusive AF)

Toxic Parents Quotes

Whether your mother, father, or both parents are toxic, selfish, neglectful, or downright abusive, this post covers all the quotes you could ever need on your inner child healing journey.

Reading these 107 quotes can give you the push you need to break away from your harmful family and to find self-love once and for all.

I know you might feel alone, but I promise, you are never alone in your trauma.

101 Healing Inner Child Affirmations (to Reparent Yourself)

Inner Child Affirmations

Reparenting yourself takes massive effort, but speaking inner child affirmations can help speed up the healing process.

Whether you have a mother wound or father wound (or both), I’m sure you’ve experienced a lot of invalidation throughout your life.

These 101 affirmations for your inner child will be self-nurturing, healing, and undeniably life-changing.