My Phone Bill is Always Under $30 with Ting – Receive $25 OFF Your First Bill with My Link!

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A couple years ago, I started to research to find the most affordable phone company. I felt like I was spending way more on my phone bill each month than necessary. Turns out, I was spending way more than necessary.

I began to see just how low my phone bill could be. I first discovered Republic Wireless, and it seemed like the winner. At least, that was until I began to dive deeper. I discovered that so many brands of phones can not be used with it, including iPhone!

Luckily, I soon discovered Ting, where I now pay under $30 every month for my phone bill. (If you sign up through my link, you’ll receive $25 OFF your first bill!)

So what exactly is Ting? Ting is a non-contract phone company where you pay as you go. The only set-in-stone thing you have to pay each month is $6.00 for each device you own. Other than that, you pay for only as much as you use.

See, your phone bill is broken down into three categories: minutes, text messages, and data. Each category is then split into levels. Think of them as your t-shirt size: XS, S, and so on, all the way to XL+.

Ting tries to make it as self-explanatory as possible. Here’s a chart I took from their website, so you can get a better idea:

My Phone Bill is Always Under $30 with Ting - Receive $25 OFF Your First Bill with My Link!

Voicemail, picture and video messaging, 3-way calling, caller ID, tethering, and hotspot are all included for absolutely free! Plus, there are no commitments or cancellation fees.

The average monthly bill with Ting is $23.

So how is Ting able to keep costs so low? Well, coverage is run on WiFi in addition to cells, so they are able to keep costs super low. This means more money in your pocket to pay off debt or go on a nice vacation!

With the average Ting user only having to pay $23.00 a month, how good can the service actually be? Well, I’ve been using Ting since July 2015, and the service I get from Ting is seriously so much better than I ever received before.

I used AT&T for 8 years, and I felt like I was just putting money in the garbage. I was paying $80 a month (almost $1,000 a year!) on my phone bill with AT&T. The service was okay at best. Most of the time, I never even got service. Now, I get reliable service wherever I go.

The best, and most rewarding, part about switching to Ting is how much I save! I save $54 a month compared to AT&T. A savings of almost $700 a year!

As you can see from the graphic below, my average monthly bill is now only $26.

My Phone Bill is Always Under $30 with Ting - Receive $25 OFF Your First Bill with My Link!

To save even more more money, I make sure I suspend all my data for my phone. Nowadays, nearly every place has free WiFi, so I’m not losing out at all! Ting makes it super easy to suspend data on their website or their app.

If you don’t want to hard cap your data, you can also send an alert to your phone when you’re about to exceed your desired amount. You can also do this for minutes and messages.

So, who exactly can switch over?

There’s nationwide coverage for the U.S, so you can be sure you’ll get service almost wherever you go. There’s options for both GSM and CDMA coverage, which is run through Sprint.

The best part is that almost any device is compatible with Ting, from your basic Motorola phone, all the way to the Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone 7.

If you already have a nice, shiny new phone, chances are you can bring it over with very little hassle. Just double check by simply entering your MEID or IMEI on their website. If you’re stuck in a contract, Ting will even pay you to switch over.

And since Ting is a smaller company, their customer service is outstanding. They are run by real people that actually care about you. They aren’t greedy for your money.

Any time I needed any form of customer service, I got to talk to a real live person in a chat room. It was all so quick, and I was never, ever put on hold. Their website even has a forum, so you can talk to other Ting users.

I even recommended my sister to switch over to Ting as well. She has absolutely no complaints, and she’s been using Ting for about as long as I have.

Ting is simply fast, reliable service. I will NEVER go back.

*Through my link only, you will receive $25 OFF your first phone bill

Want some more ways to save money?

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