7 Self-Care Boundaries (to Finally Start Putting Yourself First)

Self-Care Boundaries

Setting self-care boundaries and keeping them is one of the greatest acts of self-love you can ever give yourself.

What are your core values? What are your needs? What are things that people do that make you feel less than?

There are so many different types of personal boundaries that cover so many facets of life, and all of them are equally important.

18 Deliciously Dark Shadow Work Tarot Decks (for Inner Healing)

Shadow Work Tarot Decks

When I really started to prioritize emotional healing, using shadow work tarot decks completely illuminated a part of my soul.

Tarot (and oracle) reading was a totally unexpected addition to my life when I randomly was recommended one on YouTube.

And without them, I wouldn’t be as far along in my healing journey as I am now — not by a landslide.

55 Unforgettable Quotes About Finding Inner Strength and Hope

Finding Inner Strength Quotes

Quotes about finding inner strength can inspire you during difficult and trying times.

When you feel like you can’t go on anymore, reading quotes about resilience can bring you renewed hope and emotional strength.

From Disney movies and song lyrics to self-help books and philosophers, this list features 55 inspiring quotes to help you find and gain inner strength.