17 Self-Care Subscription Boxes for Women (Who Seriously Need to Chill)

Self-Care Subscription Boxes

These monthly self-care subscription boxes for women are an epic way to decrease stress while increasing self-love and self-worth.

With monthly subscription boxes, each month will feel like your birthday when you invest back into your mental wellbeing.

Plus, every month you’ll receive lifestyle goodies curated in a themed box geared towards relaxation and wellness.

Period Pain Relief at Home: 10 Natural Remedies

Period Pain Relief at Home

My period pain can be absolutely unbearable at times, and it’s crucial for me to find period pain relief at home.

As I’ve gotten older, my menstrual cramps and pain have gotten more debilitating.

Luckily in the past several months, I’ve added some remedies into my life that have made a significant change to my PMS and time of the month.