30 Day Relationship Challenge to Add More Spark Back

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No matter how good or bad you think your relationship is, there’s always room for improvement. There’s always room to have more fun, be more loving, and be a better communicator.

I know I’m constantly researching date ideas, romantic getaways, and ways to love my boyfriend in his love language.

If you’re looking to help repair your relationship, or you just want to spice it up, I created a 30 Day Relationship Challenge!

In this challenge, there’s one simple task a day that will help add love and spontaneity back into the relationship.

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30 Day Relationship Challenge

Day 1: Share your favorite relationship memories 

Day 2: Give each other three compliments

Day 3: Do your partner’s chores for them

Day 4: Watch a documentary together 

Day 5: Put your phones away for the day 

Day 6: Do yoga together

Day 7: Write a love letter to each other

Day 8: Surprise your partner with a gift

Day 9: Give your partner a massage

Day 10: Recreate your first date

Day 11: Read a book together

Day 12: Play a game together

Day 13: Send flirty text messages to each other

Day 14: Slow dance together

Day 15: Kiss throughout the day

Day 16: Work on a DIY project together

Day 17: Look at old pictures from your relationship

Day 18: Take a cooking or art class together

Day 19: Cuddle and have a movie marathon

Day 20: Plan a future trip together

Day 21: Make them breakfast in bed

Day 22: Take a nap in the afternoon with each other

Day 23: Talk and budget financial goals

Day 24: Dress up really nice for each other and go on a date

Day 25: Go on a romantic weekend getaway

Day 26: Hold hands while out in public

Day 27: Leave a surprise sweet note in their lunch box

Day 28: Send them a funny meme

Day 29: Light candles and snuggle in bed

Day 30: Ask, “What can I do for you today?”


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If you’re having complications in your relationship, it might be helpful to talk to a couple’s counselor.

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