35 Everyday Accomplishments of Those with Depression

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Although I’ve lived with mental illness my whole life, I am not a medical professional. If you need help finding a mental health care provider, call 1-800-662-HELP (4357) or visit BetterHelp to talk to a certified therapist online at an affordable price. This post contains affiliate links. You can read my full disclaimer.

When we’re depressed, it’s hard to accomplish anything.

It’s hard to get out of bed. It’s hard to make ourselves breakfast. It’s the hardest thing constantly fall back into the comfort of our own bed.

But listen. That’s a problem we think we have. The chemicals in our brains tell us to think this negative way. We think that because we have no energy that we didn’t accomplish anything. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Every single day that we survive is an accomplishment. We must remember that we make accomplishments every single day that we’re alive.

Instead of focusing on all the things you didn’t do, try focusing on all you that you did do. Your list doesn’t have to be long and extravagant. It doesn’t have to take a lot of effort. It just has to be positive.

Here’s my list of 35 everyday accomplishments of living with severe depression:

35 Everyday Accomplishments of Those with Depression

  1. Got the heck out of bed
  2. Drank an entire glass of water first thing even though it fricken hurt
  3. Did my morning yoga sequence
  4. Let my dogs out
  5. Fed them exactly 2 1/2 cups of nutritious dog food
  6. Gave them all their supplements and medication to keep them healthy
  7. Got my Swagbucks on
  8. Attempted to work on my blog
  9. Took all my vitamins to help stabilize my mood
  10. Ate a healthy breakfast
  11. Went upstairs to brush my teeth
  12. Put on some clean clothes
  13. Did my makeup
  14. Texted people back
  15. Answered a couple surveys
  16. Didn’t relapse from self-harm
  17. Watched my favorite YouTubers
  18. Ate some leftovers for lunch
  19. Went on Pinterest
  20. Invited my sister to watch Netflix
  21. Stumbled on StumbleUpon
  22. Allowed myself to take a nap
  23. Ate dinner with my family
  24. Actually worked on my blog
  25. Did a 20 minute workout video
  26. Drove 15 minutes to my boyfriend’s house
  27. Expressed my emotions to him
  28. Built the motivation to drive home
  29. Actually took a shower
  30. Flossed, brushed my teeth, and used mouthwash
  31. Put my phone away
  32. Read a book
  33. Did some nighttime yoga
  34. Went to bed at a reasonable time
  35. Remembered to keep breathing

Ah there. That wasn’t that hard.

What are your everyday accomplishments?

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