The Absolute Best Tea to Drink for Depression

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Finding the best tea for depression is figuring out which teas have the best physical and emotional benefits.

Tea has been a lifesaver throughout my battle with depression, especially during the last couple years.

I truly believe in the benefits, as I have seen them first hand.

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I recommend picking the best brands with the highest quality ingredients for your teas, because you want to get the most benefits.

Yogi and Traditional Medicinals are my favorites, and you can really taste the difference from other brands.

As always, make sure you talk to your doctor first before you drink any of these teas, as they might pose adverse effects if you’re on certain medications.

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5 Best Teas to Drink for Depression


Chamomile is my go-to tea.

I love drinking it in the morning to help calm my nervous system, because it helps level me out and helps set the mood for the rest of my day.

When I drink it, I notice I’m less irritable and more likely to be able to focus than when I don’t.

Because chamomile is so calming, it can also help you sleep. So if you struggle with depression-induced insomnia, try drinking it a half hour before bed to see how you feel.



St. John’s Wort tea is said to be one of the best teas for depression.

It is used to promote emotional balance. It has also been known to be very soothing and can even help lift your mood.

Researchers claim that St. Jonh’s Wort can be used to treat mild to moderate depression, because it is about as effective as some prescription medications.



With depression, it can be nearly impossible to be productive. 

Ginkgo Bilboa tea is said to enhance mental performance and memory.

This tea can help improve the speed of thinking, as well as increase your attention span.



Ginseng tea can help relieve symptoms of stress and fatigue.

It can also improve energy, which will be a huge benefit for facing depression.

Research says it can also be used to strengthen the immune system and help fight off stress and disease.



Buddhist monks have been drinking green tea for thousands of years to help them meditate.

Green tea promotes mental clarity, as well as reduces feelings of stress and anxiety.

These can be a great advantage for people battling the symptoms of depression.


Best Tea for Depression

Tea has many benefits for our minds and bodies, which means those with depression can really benefit from drinking tea on a regular basis.

As always, be sure to talk to your doctor before drinking any of these teas.

Stay safe, and stay amazing!

What are your favorite teas to drink for depression? Let us know in the comments below!

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