July 2017 Wrap-Up: Life Updates, Favorites & Blog Report

July 2017 Wrap-Up: Life Updates, Favorites & Blog Report

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I say this every month, but man did July go by fast. This year is going by way too fast, and I feel like everything is passing me by so quickly. Life just seems like one big routine, and I feel like I’m just waiting for the next event to happen.

That’s why I like to create these monthly wrap-ups. It’s proof and encouragement that it is possible to earn money online. I’m always trying out new ways to increase my income, and this is a good way to look back on every thing that worked and what didn’t. Plus, if I ever feel discouraged, I can take a look back on my accomplishments.

Here is my July 2017 monthly wrap-up, where I talk about life updates, monthly favorites, blog report, and my goals.



Because of my parent’s divorce, we’re being forced to sell my home because my mom just wants the money. She doesn’t care at all about us, or where we’re going to end up. There is so much stress and heartbreak that comes with it.

A broker took a look at my house and said we can probably sell the house within 3 to 6 months. I’m not ready to leave the home I’ve lived in my entire life and move halfway across the country. And I’m definitely not ready to have a long-distance relationship with my boyfriend of 4 years.

This post in my Unemotionally Available Mom series will give you a deeper look as to what has been going on in my life lately.


A truly scary thing happened about a week ago. My dad nearly choked to death twice in the span of 5 minutes. I had to perform the Heimlich maneuver over and over to save his life.

Having someone choke to death has been one of my greatest fears since childhood. But I automatically pushed past those fears and went into survival mode.

I can’t believe I did it, but I’m so grateful I was able to rescue my dad those two times.

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THE 100

Holy balls. The 100 is so, so, so good. It’s such an underrated TV show. It’s a post-apocalyptic/sci-fi show, but it’s so much more than that. It is so intense, and it has a lot of horror elements twisted in. And I’ve definitely cried a couple times watching it.

Me and my sister finished watching it over a week ago, and I’m still in denial that we have no more episodes to watch right now. I absolutely can’t wait for the next season to come out! Come on 2018!


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July 2017 Wrap-Up- Life Updates, Favorites & Blog Report

  • Blog views: 17,346 ( ↑ 5,932 from 11,414 from last month)
  • Pinterest: 1916 (↑ 79 from 1837 last month)
  • Twitter: 1058 (↑ 14 from 1044 last month)
  • Bloglovin: 40 (↑ 1 from last month)
  • Instagram: 133 (↑ 20 from 113 last month)
  • Email Subscribers: 227 (↑ 29 from 198 last month)


Total: $64.98

Want to earn some side income?


  • Reach 12,000 page views: [PASS] I CANNOT BELIEVE I reached over 17,000 this month! This is all because of the power of Tailwind and Pinterest!
  • Reach 1,900 followers on Pinterest: [PASS] Like I said, Tailwind is a huge game-changer!
  • Increase my income: [PASS] I’m slowly, but surely increasing my income little by little.
  • Walk my dog Summer at least 3 times per week: [KINDA] I didn’t exactly walk Summer 3 times a week. But I did play Frisbee with her 2-3 times a day.
  • Reach 15,000 page views: It’s a small goal, but I like having smaller goals and I feel like my traffic for July wasn’t the norm. Growing a blog doesn’t happen overnight.
  • Reach 1,950 followers on Pinterest: I look forward to following more people and upping my Pinterest game even more.
  • Get out of my house 2 times a week: Working from home and having anxiety, I hardly ever even get out of my pajamas. Hopefully I can push myself comfortably.

Did you accomplish your goals this past month? What are your goals for August?

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  1. I love reading your reports! As a new blogger I find them really encouraging.


    • Awesome! Keep writing, because people will love your words! You’ll never know how many people you can touch. <3

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