6 Amazingly Fun Skype Dates for Long Distance Relationships

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Long Distance Skype Date Ideas

When you’re in a long distance relationship, you need things like Skype date ideas to keep your relationship strong.

Without video chat, long distance relationships would be infinitely more difficult.

Technology has come such a long way that seeing your partners face through virtual means is the next best thing to seeing them in person.

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My Long Distance Relationship

My then-boyfriend, now-fiance and I were dating about four and a half years before we entered into a long distance relationship.

It was a dramatic shift going from seeing each other every day to only seeing each other every few months.

We’re two and a half years into our long distance relationship now, and while long distance relationships can be incredibly painful at times, we’ve been able to keep growing more and more in love.

With the help of Skype, our relationship has been able to withstand the 613 miles between us.

If you have no idea how to keep the spark alive in your LDR, here are 6 amazingly fun Skype date ideas for long distance relationships.

Long Distance Relationship Date Ideas:


One thing me and my fiance always did at the beginning of our relationship was lay on the couch, snuggle, and listen to music.

We would seriously do that for hours – often until 2:00 AM – just talking about life and discussing the songs as the music carried us away.

We try to keep that tradition alive now that we’re in a long distance relationship.

Every day my fiance and I try to send a song to each other.

It’s usually a song that reminds us of the other person or a song we’re simply enjoying at the moment.

Listening to music is one of my favorite ways to connect in a deep and emotional way.


Pick a movie or TV show and watch it at the exact same time together.

Be prepared for echoes though, because no matter how hard you try, you’ll probably be a millisecond apart in timing.

(Now, there’s a way you can simultaneously watch something together with Netflix Party and Hulu Watch Party!)

I recommend switching it up from time to time and watching something you used to watch when you were together physically.

I think it’s an awesome way to feel nostalgic, and you’ll probably feel closer to each other because it’s something you already connected to each other with.

Something my fiance and I did every Sunday night was watch episodes of Ghost Adventures.

We still make an effort to watch it every Sunday and complain about how much of a douchebag Zak Bagans is – yes, I went there.


Take turns picking out a recipe and cook your meals together while on Skype.

Then set your phone or laptop across from you and have a little romantic date while you eat.

For special occasions, you can even order out at the same place.

You might have to order at chain restaurants, but hey Papa John’s has some amazing vegan pizza. That. Garlic. Sauce. Though.

A lazy way to also have this date is to heat up the same ready-to-eat meal, such as a microwave meal.

My fiance and I often choose this ramen as our date meal.


Me and my fiance loved doing partner yoga together, so why not do it still even though we’re 600 miles away from each other?

Yeah, we can’t do the acro poses together, but we can still follow along to the same yoga flows.

One of my absolute favorite places to learn more about yoga poses, flows, and sequences is Yoga Download.

There are a countless selection of free yoga classes, from beginner all the way to advanced as well as different lengths.

If you find you’re enjoying yoga and want to dive deeper into the practice, you can get a membership to Yoga Download for 50% off here, which is a total steal!

If you’re not into yoga, you can do the same workout video on YouTube, or you can even take a walk around your neighborhoods with your data on.

Doing a fitness challenge is also fun, and it’ll help your distance go by faster.

Every day you cross off is one day closer to getting to see the person you love.


There are so many online games you can play with your long distance partner, such as puzzle, strategy, and RPG.

You can also play different board games online, like Solitaire.

If you have no idea where to start, I recommend checking out Steam for some inspiration.

Another fantastic idea is Our Moments – 100 thought-provoking questions to ask your partner.


Me and my fiance have spent a lot of time and effort improving our relationship over the seven years we’ve been together.

That means, we’ve read a lot of self-help relationship books to help us understand each other better.

For example, The 5 Love Languages has been a huge eye-opener and game-changer for us. I highly, highly recommend it.

(You can figure out your love language here.)

You don’t have to read only books either.

You could also take turns reading quotes or an interesting article you found online to each other.

The possibilities are truly endless!

More relationship books:

Man on couch with laptop on lap. On the laptop, there is a female talking to him. Text says 6 virtual date ideas for long distance relationships

Virtual Long Distance Date Ideas

No matter what tool you use to keep your LDR thriving, it’s imperative that you still have virtual date nights.

My favorite dates:

❤️ Send them a meaningful song

❤️ Watch a movie or TV show

❤️ Eat the same food

❤️ Do the same workout 

❤️ Play games

❤️ Read together

What are your favorite Skype date ideas for long distance relationships? Let us know in the comments below!

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6 Skype Dates for Long Distance Relationships