5 Reasons to Stop Reading Gossip Magazines for Better Mental Health

5 Reasons to Stop Reading Gossip Magazines for Better Mental Health

People say that gossip magazines are their guilty pleasure. I say there’s a much deeper issue here.

When I lived with my mom, it seemed like all she did was buy and read gossip magazines. She would literally lay on the couch and read them cover to cover. While watching celebrity news on TV.

I was never someone to read gossip magazines. I mainly just looked at the pictures, read a couple sentences here and there, and became completely disgusted by them.

Here are 5 reasons I think you should stop reading gossip magazines if you want to have a better mental health.


Yes, it’s your money, and you can spend it however you want. But if you buy one or more magazines every week, it really adds up.

That money could be used for many more things, like buying that new pair of shoes you always wanted or saving up for your dream vacation.

And just think. In a day, it’ll be old news anyways.


Just because these people are celebrities doesn’t mean they’re not real people too. All it means is they have a different job than most of us.

I’ve seen sections in magazines that say, “Stars are just like us!” Then there are pictures just showing them pumping their own gas or holding their own umbrella. I’m like…really?

They breathe the same air as us. Who really cares if someone actually wore something from their closet more than once?


Gossip magazine usually give out stupid advice for woman on how to land the guy of our dreams. We’re taught how to dress, how to act, even how to take a shit like a lady.

And once we catch that man of our dreams, we learn how to keep him, how to act around his friends, how to be the perfect woman so he will propose.


Women shouldn’t have to dress a certain way to make a guy fall for us. And no, women shouldn’t have to act a certain way for her boyfriend to take her on a romantic getaway so he’ll propose on a beach, under the stars.

Relationships take a lot of hard work and compromise to work. No amount of tricking the other person into doing something, or pretending to be someone you’re not, will make the relationship last. That’s not love. That’s just a terrible outlook and false identity of love.


Not only are women supposed to act, dress, and be a certain way, it seems like women are always being pinned against other woman.

And that stupid column, “Who wore it better?” Jeezus. Who cares if two different women wore the same dress and styled it differently? Individuality should be praised, not looked down upon.

As women, we need to lift each other up. We need to give each other compliments and actually mean it.


Gossip magazines. They are just that…gossip. So many of the stories you read don’t even hold an ounce of truth.

Still, people somehow gain pleasure by spreading these rumors around. And maybe even worse, consumers help solidify these rumors, because they’re helping support these unhealthy businesses. These magazine companies wouldn’t keep publishing so many stories like these if they weren’t making a profit.

And when you struggle with poor mental health, your mind is already most likely feeding you lies. I wouldn’t want to set myself up to believe even more lies by comparing myself to celebrities.


I wholeheartedly believe that gossip magazines promote an unhealthy image of beauty.

No matter what gossip magazine I’ve ever read before, there were always comments about someone’s weight. So and so gained all the weight back that they just lost? They’re fat and lazy. This person is too thin? Oh, they must have an eating disorder.

And if someone gets plastic surgery to fix one of these body images “issues” they’ve been ridiculed for having, then they are a freak who doesn’t know what self-love is. Nobody can win.

Weight doesn’t equal health. Pant size doesn’t determine how attractive someone is. Hairstyle, skin color, tattoos, piercing, clothing style. None of that freaking matters.

We need to start embracing what makes us unique. What makes us who we are. We should worry more about what type of person we are over what type of body we have.

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Do you read gossip magazines? Why or why not?

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