30 Unexpected Ways to Have Fun with Your Partner

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There comes a time when our relationships become routine. We get married, have 10,000 babies, and lose the spark we once had. We wake up, say hi to each other, go to work, come home, say hi again, and go to bed. Then we get up and do it all over again the next day.

This is something I try very hard to avoid. I never want to lose that spark.

The best relationships are when you get along like best friends. I can honestly say I have never been bored in my entire relationship of four years.

For cereal, just laying in the dark is entertaining enough. Me and my boyfriend try anything to keep the other one laughing.

Here’s a list of 30 unexpected ways we’ve had fun in our relationship.

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30 Unexpected Ways to Have Fun with Your Partner

  1. Put on a ridiculously bad movie and make fun of it the whole way through
  2. Flip through all the TV channels and watch only 15 seconds of each
  3. Have some late night tea and crumpets
  4. Swap clothes with your partner
  5. Randomly start talking with accents
  6. Do some acro partner yoga together
  7. Paint each other’s fingernails. Yes. I’m talking to you, men.
  8. Take a drive and sing loud and obnoxiously to the radio
  9. Read each other’s horoscope
  10. Reminisce about how you first met
  11. Go on an IKEA date and sit on all the couches
  12. Put the TV on mute and make up your own commentary
  13. Play video games until 2 O’clock in the morning
  14. Paint masterpieces with finger paint
  15. Go grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s
  16. Give your partner an unexpected striptease
  17. Sit on the roof and watch the stars twinkling
  18. Play hide and go seek in an empty house
  19. Read a book out loud to each other
  20. Give each other a much needed back massage
  21. Go hiking at a forest preserve together
  22. Squeeze your hands in some Play-Doh
  23. Play fetch with your dog together
  24. Push each other on a swing at the park
  25. Go on a bike ride together
  26. Have a HGTV marathon
  27. Lay in the grass and name the shapes of the clouds
  28. Randomly slow dance with each other in public
  29. Add “That’s what she said” into every possible conversation
  30. Take very unattractive pictures with each other

What are some of the things you and your partner do to keep your relationship spark alive?

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  1. Jen

    My boyfriend and I do 11. all the time. We like to go to each Ikea room and pretend we live there and talk about the changes we would make. Good idea to kill time for free!

    • We do too! IKEA is the best place to go for a free date. We could seriously spend hours there!

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