75 Things to Make You Happy

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Several years back, my best friend gave me a copy of 14,000 Things to Be Happy About. She kept one for herself, and we spent the day reading the list out loud to each other. We decided that we would highlight the ones we relate to.

Whenever I’m having a really crappy day, I tend to look at the book right before bed. Not only does it help me sleep, but it helps me feel at peace.

And to this day, I still find more reasons to highlight.

So, it’s about time I decided to make my own personal list to reminisce on things that make me happy on a bad day.

My 75 Things to Make You Happy

  1. Getting the gunk out of my teeth when flossing
  2. Days off work
  3. Endangered Species Chocolate
  4. Having my house filled with Christmas decorations
  5. Classic Disney movies
  6. The color turquoise
  7. Watching a peaceful snowfall at night
  8. When gas prices are cheap
  9. Movie soundtracks
  10. YouTube videos
  11. Freshly shaved legs
  12. Amazing perfume
  13. Smelling my boyfriend’s cologne on a hoodie I stole from him
  14. Pajama days
  15. Wearing lipstick for no reason
  16. Running through the sprinkler
  17. Having a Target nearby
  18. Walking around my neighborhood at night
  19. Christmas Eve
  20. Playing The Sims 2 for hours at a time
  21. My boyfriend’s beard
  22. When there’s free WiFi
  23. Dogs
  24. Baking cookies with my sister
  25. Late night dance parties
  26. Walking around my house with no pants on
  27. The feeling after a long yoga practice
  28. Dollywood
  29. A quiet house to fall asleep to
  30. Going to a vegan restaurant
  31. When a cow finally lets you pet it
  32. Being a straight edge
  33. Having long hair
  34. Embracing my freckles
  35. Having an affordable phone bill
  36. Feeling sexy
  37. Finally being able to fly a kite
  38. Looking at restaurant menus before I go to them
  39. Having naturally long eyelashes
  40. Not being scared climbing a tree
  41. A good night’s sleep
  42. Cashing in Swagbucks for gift cards
  43. Not losing my chapstick
  44. Flowery print dresses
  45. Wearing colored tights
  46. Documentaries that change your point of view
  47. Having enough nail polishes to start a museum
  48. Being 5 feet tall
  49. Reliving my childhood
  50. Trying all the different types of Root Beer I can
  51. Unclogging the drain
  52. The jokes on Laffy Taffy wrappers
  53. Wearing slippers in public
  54. Avocados
  55. The smell of hotels
  56. Dancing for no reason
  57. Making up songs for everyday activities
  58. Hot, mint flavored tea
  59. Talking about old memories with my cousins
  60. My coworkers
  61. Cuddling with stuffed animals at night
  62. Finger painting
  63. Karaoke hour
  64. VHS players
  65. Cruelty-free beauty products
  66. Movie marathons
  67. New vegan options at the grocery store
  68. Waking up to a good hair day
  69. Fuzzy socks
  70. Adult size footie pajamas
  71. Trader Joe’s
  72. Veggie fried rice with no egg
  73. Reading my journals from elementary school
  74. Date night
  75. Being myself

Now it’s time to make your list! What are the quirky things that make you happy?

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