12 Solo Dates: Fun Things to Do On Your Own

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Do you ever wish there were more fun things to do on your own?

Sometimes other people can be stressful. Sometimes you just need time to yourself.

You deserve time to enjoy yourself. You deserve to do more of the things that make you happy.

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Frequent solo dates are essential for your mental health, especially if you’re an introvert

Solo dates are the ultimate form of self-care.

And self-care is not an indulgence. Self-care is vital to your mental wellbeing.

Keep reading for 12 incredibly fun solo dates to take yourself on.

12 Fun Things to Do On Your Own


Ignoring all the germs, arcades are the best.

They make the best dates and even better solo dates!

Maybe it’s just me, but I can never walk into an arcade without playing skee ball.

Play games until you win enough tickets to trade in for a delicious piece of candy. You’ll never use any of those cheap toys again anyways!


I loooovvvveeeee the library.

You can rent all sorts of stuff from the library, such as books, audiobooks, movies, CDs, and video games. All for 100% free!

Honestly, one of my favorite days of the week is going to the library, browsing the NEW RELEASES section, and going to town.

Spend some time reading synopsis and picking out any books that sound interesting.

Need some inspiration? Some of my favorite BookTubers are Emmmabooks, NayaReadsandSmiles, and Brittany the Bibliophile.

Pro tip: check your library’s calendar of events. They always have free activities going on every week!


Going to see a movie by yourself is the perfect solo date!

No need to argue about what movie to go see. No need to argue what time to see it or what snacks to get or not to get.

Plus, you can sit wherever you want!

Matinees are usually less crowded, and they’re much cheaper!


Nothing says a pampering solo date like a trip to the spa.

Get your nails done. Get a massage by someone who actually knows what the heck they’re doing.

There are always awesome deals on Groupon and Living Social, so be sure to check there first!


A cheaper alternative would be to have a hot, relaxing bubble bath at your home.

Baths are my go-to self-care activity.

Taking a bath keeps the body aches away, improves sleep, and helps your body relax.

Don’t forget to light a candle, use a bath bomb, and put on an audiobook.


Better for the environment and better for your wallet, go to your local thrift store instead of the mall. You can find the best gems out there!

I’ve shopped at ThredUp several times over the past couple years.

ThredUp is an online thrift store. And unlike a traditional thrift store, all the clothes at ThredUp are sorted by brand, type, and size.

You can even find brand new items with tags!

Use my link and get $10 off your first purchase!


Meditating is super beneficial for so many areas of your life.

The Awesome Benefits:

  1. Less anxiety and depression
  2. Less stress and feelings of overwhelm
  3. Learning to be mindful and stay in the moment longer
  4. Increases feelings of happiness
  5. Promotes positive mental health
  6. Improves sleep
  7. Reduces anger
  8. Gives feelings of clarity and calm

If you want to learn how to meditate, check out 10 Totally Free Guided Meditations for Anxiety.


Don’t you hate when you’re craving a certain type of food, but everyone is craving something else so you have to settle and get what everyone else wants instead?

You can avoid this by taking yourself out to eat!

Taking yourself out to eat doesn’t have to be scary, either.

You can even order it online and get it delivered straight to your house.


I know there have been several times when I was at a museum with other people, and I felt rushed.

I couldn’t read the information fast enough, and I wanted to spend more time looking at artifacts.

Going to a museum by yourself helps avoid these stressful feelings!


Dancing can be such a fun thing to do by yourself!

The best thing is you don’t need any skills.

All you gotta do is create a playlist and jam out to your heart’s content.

My go-to songs are from the 90s and early 2000s. Backstreet Boys, anyone?


My most favorite time of the day is when I get to cuddle up in my bed and watch YouTube on the TV.

I love beauty videos, cleaning videos, true crime videos, and even scary ghost hunting videos.

I feel like my favorite YouTubers are my best friends. Their presence helped me through so much depression and anxiety over the years.

Now, watching videos automatically becomes the perfect solo date.


Nothing makes you feel more powerful than dressing up, wearing your favorite clothes, and doing your hair and makeup.

Follow along to a makeup tutorial. Try a new hairstyle.

Feel confident, beautiful, and sexy.

Then go ham and fill up your camera with selfies!

There’s no greater feeling than loving yourself!

Solo Dates are Perfect for Self-Care

Doing fun things on your own is so vital for your mental health.

Take time at least once a week to go on a solo date. Make time to do more of the things you enjoy doing.

Remember, self-care isn’t an indulgence. Self-care is absolutely necessary for your mental wellbeing.

Pin to read later!

Going on solo dates is a beneficial part of self-care and self-love. Here are 12 fun things to do on your own.

What are some of your favorite solo dates? Share in the comments!

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