101 Healing Inner Child Affirmations (to Reparent Yourself)

Inner Child Affirmations

Reparenting yourself takes massive effort, but speaking inner child affirmations can help speed up the healing process.

Whether you have a mother wound or father wound (or both), I’m sure you’ve experienced a lot of invalidation throughout your life.

These 101 affirmations for your inner child will be self-nurturing, healing, and undeniably life-changing.

70 Healing Inner Child Quotes (to Help Overcome Childhood Trauma)

Healing Inner Child Quotes

Quotes about healing your inner child can provide strength, inspiration, and validation during painful times.

When you feel like you’re broken, reading quotes about difficult childhoods can bring you renewed hope and emotional strength ― because you know you’re not alone.

From Disney movies and actors to self-help books and philosophers, this list features 70 inspiring quotes to help you find and heal your inner child.

100 Empowering Affirmations for Adults with ADHD (to be Spoken Daily)

Affirmations for Adult ADHD

People who struggle with adult ADHD often have very poor self-esteem, and that’s why speaking daily affirmations is so magnetically powerful.

Positive affirmations can completely shift how you view yourself and your impact on the world.

So, keep on reading to learn just how powerful these 100 affirmations for ADHD are.