75 Ideas for a No-Spend Weekend That Don’t Totally Suck

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I’m a big fan of budgets and not spending money for no reason. I actually find free things to be the most exciting, because it’s almost a thrill in itself finding the best deal for something.

By having no-spend weekends throughout the year, it allows you more wiggle room with your finances. This helps you do more of the things you love, like vacations and buying Christmas presents for your loved ones.

Try having a couple no-spend weekends this month and see how much money you save! Keep reading for 75 ideas for a no-spend weekend that don’t totally suck.

75 Ideas for a No-Spend Weekend

1. Read a book

2. Rent a movie from the library

3. Color in a coloring book

4. Play a video game

5. Host a board game night

6. Visit a free museum

7. Watch home videos

8. Binge watch a show on Netflix

9. Take some surveys

Pro-tip: Swagbucks, Earning Station, and Inbox Dollars are my absolute favorites!

10. Declutter your house

11. Do yardwork

12. Watch YouTube videos

13. Go for a bike ride

14. Walk the dogs

15. Learn to knit

16. Read a blog

17. Learn to play an instrument

18. Go to the park

19. Skype a friend

20. Attend a free event at the library

21. Write in a journal

Pro-tip: Try one of these Mental Health Journal Guides. Use the code meagan15 for 15% off.

22. Look through old photos

23. Make a pillow fort

24. Research a random topic

25. Make paper airplanes

26. Volunteer at your local animal shelter

27. Bake cookies

28. Have a scavenger hunt

29. Organize your cabinets

30. Fill out a planner

31. Visit a relative

32. Go camping

33. Have a picnic

34. Make shadow puppets

35. Read a self-help book

Pro-tip: I recommend checking out Social Anxiety to Social Success.

36. Listen to podcasts

37. Teach yourself how to juggle

38. Take nature photos

39. Prep your meals in advance

40. Practice origami

41. Make a time capsule

42. Play karaoke

43. Have a Disney movie marathon

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44. Rearrange the furniture in a room

45. Practice yoga

46. Teach yourself how to knit

47. Write a poem

48. Have a garage sale

49. Take a bubble bath

50. Assemble your family tree

51. Do a puzzle

52. Make a budget

53. Meditate

54. Go to the beach

55. Blow bubbles

56. Create a friendship bracelet

57. Deep clean a room in your house

58. Go hiking

59. Write a love letter to your partner

60. Write a letter to your future child or grandchild

61. Print and cut coupons

62. Give your partner a massage

63. Babysit

64. Play a card game

65. Play a game on your phone

66. Try a recipe from a cookbook

67. Donate unwanted items to charity

68. Go Geocaching

69. Have a Harry Potter movie marathon

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70. Stargaze

71. Write a song

72. Set new goals for yourself

73. Delete old stuff from your phone

74. Do a DIY project

75. Make a vision board with old magazines

There you have it. 75 ideas no-spend weekend ideas that don’t totally suck. Check out these related post!

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What’s your favorite way to have a no-spend weekend?

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