My 10 Favorite TV Shows I Watch When I’m Having a Bad Day

My 10 Favorite TV Shows I Watch When I'm Having a Bad Day

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Some might call me lazy, because watching TV shows is one of my favorite past times. However, I don’t often mindlessly watch TV. And I try to not binge on TV shows too much, because I feel like Netflix can feed my depression.

Still, watching a TV show is still one of my top coping mechanisms. I love being taken into another world, embracing the characters and the storyline.

I don’t feel so lonely. My anxiety isn’t so high. With every episode, I get to escape my reality.

Here are 10 TV shows I watch when I’m having a bad day:


What it’s about: In the small town of Dillon, Texas, everyone comes together on Friday nights when the Dillon High Panthers play. But life is not a game. The charismatic players, new coach Eric Taylor, and the passionate fans find that their biggest challenges and obstacles come off the field in the compelling day-to-day dramas of their tight-knit community.

FNL will always take place as my #1 favorite show. It’s so much more than just about football. Football is just the glue that hold everyone together.

Rent or buy it here: Netflix or Amazon

2. THE 100

What it’s about: Ninety-seven years ago, the earth was devastated by a nuclear apocalypse. The only survivors are the people orbiting in space stations. Three generations later, resources are running out. Taking ruthless steps to ensure their future, a group of 100 juvenile prisoners are exiled to the earth’s surface to test whether it’s habitable.

This show is so, so good and underrated. It’s intense and unpredictable, and every episode leaves off on a cliffhanger.

Rent or buy it here: Netflix or Amazon


What it’s about: Sixteen years ago, one mistake changed two families forever when two newborns were switched at birth. Bay grew up in a wealthy family while Daphne, who lost her hearing as a child, was raised by a single mom in a working class neighborhood.

I had no idea how much I would love Switched at Birth when I decided to hit play on Netflix. I watched it all the way through twice this year.

Rent or buy it here: Netflix or Amazon


What it’s about: Dunder Mifflin regional manager, Michael Scott leads the documentary team and his staff on a journey through inappropriate behavior, misguided comments, and a never-ending supply of poor management techniques.

If you’re looking for something that will make you laugh out loud, then look no further. Laughter truely is the best medicine.

Rent or buy it here: Netflix or Amazon


What it’s about: When Ryan Atwood plunges into wealthy, privileged Newport Beach, a group of friends and families are forever changed by the arrival of an outsider to their community.

The OC was such a turning point in TV dramas. There’s a reason it’s a cult classic.

Rent or buy it here: Amazon


What it’s about: After moving to Sunnydale, Buffy Summers just wants to be a normal teenager. But when she meets the school librarian, Rupert Giles, she quickly learns there is no escaping her destiny as the Slayer.

If you’re looking for a badass female character, then BTVS needs to be in your life. Plus, the show gets funnier with each passing season.

Rent or buy it here: Amazon


What it’s about: “The Joy of Painting” host Bob Ross brings his signature wet-on-wet style to a bevy of bucolic landscape paintings celebrating the beauty of nature.

I used to watch Bob Ross paint all the time after school. He was always so soothing and calmed even my worst anxieties.

Rent or buy it here: Netflix


What it’s about: A coming-of-age comedy follows Cory Matthews as he juggles school, friends, and romance.

If you’re a 90s kid, then you know that Boy Meets World is one of the best comedy TV shows of all time. So funny and heartwarming.

Rent or buy it here: Amazon


What it’s about: Tia and Tamera are twins separated at birth who learn of each other and come back together in their teen years.

Sister, Sister is another 90s comedy gold. You can’t help but love to watch Tia and Tamara grow.

Rent or buy it here: Amazon


What it’s about: Improvisational comedy competition show in which four members of the regular cast as comedians and often with guest appearances with other comedians and celebrities and members of the audience perform various comic games and sketches.

I remember watching this show as a family when I was younger, and all these years later I still watch some of the sketches over and over again. Also, don’t forget to watch Drew Carey’s Improv-A-Ganza (which might be even funnier!).

Rent or buy it here: Amazon

What are some TV shows you recommend? List them in the comments below!
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