Netflix and Depression: 5 Reasons Netflix Makes You More Depressed

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Why Netflix is Bad for Depression

When I’m struggling with depression, Netflix can be very intoxicating.

It can be a comforting form of escapism from the negative thoughts circling in your mind.

Netflix, however, can also make your depression much worse.

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Being Depressed with Netflix

I was in a really dark place around the time I left my full-time retail job back in 2016.

Because of this, every day I used Netflix to its full advantage.

I was home alone a good portion of the day, and it was the perfect escape.

Or so I thought.

My slip deeper into depression

But I soon felt myself slipping into an even deeper depression than the one that I quit my job over.

I became more lethargic than ever, and I felt my mental health deteriorate more and more with each passing episode.

I was barely working on my blog (which happens to be my job), and I lost any ounce of motivation I had.

About a year after this, I woke up one day and realized that Netflix was making my depression worse.

Here are 5 reasons why your depression may be feeding off Netflix:

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5 Reasons Netflix Makes You More Depressed


I don’t know about you, but I prefer to binge-watch something by myself.

With the lights off and the door closed.

Maybe even locked.

The worst part is that sometimes I don’t even want my dog next to me – can you even imagine?

Depression feeds off loneliness, and this is when the negative voices come out to play.

We’re worthless, right?

We’ll never amount to anything, and no one could ever love someone like us.

Humans are social

The truth is humans are social creatures, and it’s vital to our mental health to have some human interaction throughout our day.

And people remember you are not a burden or annoying.

You are not worthless.

People love and care about you every day.

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Because we choose to be alone while partaking in our Netflix festivities, all of our relationships will be tested.

I’d rather watch Netflix alone than be bothered with, “Do you wanna watch another episode?”

I’d rather lay in bed instead of trying to socialize with my friends.

I know I’m going to be wishing I was home in my bed anyway, so why go out at all?

(Social anxiety is always cramping my style anyways, amirite?!)

You might not like it at first, but try watching some Netflix with someone you’re close to.

Soon, it’ll become normal and a bonding experience.

Recommended TV shows and movies:

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📺 Jurassic Park

📺 A Walk to Remember

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When we’re attached to Netflix, all we’re doing is either laying down or sitting.

There isn’t much room for movement. 

In reality, when I’m depressed I only get up to take my dog outside.

And we all know this by now, but exercise often equates to better health.

Exercise isn’t just good for our physical health either.

It’s also vital for our mental health.

So next time you’re watching some Netflix, why don’t you do some squats or practice some yoga during an episode?

One of my absolute favorite places to learn more about yoga poses, flows, and sequences is Yoga Download.

There are a countless selection of free yoga classes, from beginner all the way to advanced as well as different lengths.

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The best part is you can do yoga in the comfort of your own home.

It might be hard to find the motivation to move your body, but your body will thank you once you do.

Nobody likes feeling like the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz.

Oil can, anybody?

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Netflix automatically goes to the next episode without us even having to lift a finger.

The episodes will just keep on going, and before we know it, we’re already halfway through a 20 episode season.

Because I work from home, my problem became excessively problematic.

And Netflix pretty much became a morning, afternoon, and nightly routine.

It was pretty much an everyday occurrence for me.

But I now force myself to stop watching after the second episode.

Stopping after the second episode has become a habit now, and I hardly think about it anymore.


Netflix takes us away from our responsibilities.

We forget to eat, but somehow dirty dishes still piled around my bed.

We don’t want to get up to pee, and my breath turned into a monster’s lair because I had no excuse to brush my teeth.

When we’re depressed we just want to stay in our pajamas all day with our eyes are glued to the screen.

But avoiding problems is not going to make them go away.

They will only build up and continue to make our lives miserable.

In between your breaks between your binge-watching, make sure you don’t neglect yourself and your responsibilities.

Depression and productivity:

Featured Image

Depression affected by Netflix says Netflix can be like a drug addiction.

But just like depression, I will not let Netflix defeat me no matter how hard it tries.

This is my blog. I can be as over-dramatic as I wanna be.

I learned that I have to set a limit on how much I can watch in one day.

Or, you know, at least in one sitting.

Do you believe Netflix can be an addiction? Is it harmless or harmful?

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Does Netflix Make Depression Worse?

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