100 Reasons Why I’m So Incredibly in Love with You

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I make a conscious effort to remind myself of all the amazing qualities my boyfriend has every day, because it’s easy for a relationship to feel routine. Especially if you’ve been together for years and the puppy love stage has worn off.

I highly recommend writing a list of all the reasons why you love your partner, so you’ll never lose sight of the bigger picture.

You can even make an anniversary or Valentine’s Day gift out of the list. You can put one reason on a small piece of paper and write enough to fill up a mason jar. Any time you get into an argument, you can tell your partner to pick out a reason. One of the quickest ways to end a disagreement.

Here is an example of my 100 reasons why I’m so in love with my boyfriend:

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100 Reasons Why I’m So In Love


  1. I can be myself around you. 100% of the time.
  2. You’re my biggest supporter.
  3. Nobody has ever loved me the way you love me.
  4. You worry about my mental health more than anyone on the planet.
  5. You’ve been with me every step of the way.
  6. You take pride in the way you look, even though I think you look the best when you just wake up.
  7. Your hand fits perfectly in mine.
  8. You balance me out in the best way possible.
  9. Your smile turns me into a big pile of mush.
  10. We take the most unattractive pictures with each other. On purpose.
  11. You admit when you’re wrong. Most of the time.
  12. My imperfections are perfections for you.
  13. You cook for me.
  14. And do the dishes without me asking you to.
  15. You’re my personal heater.
  16. You like to show me off to your friends and family.
  17. You inspire me every day.
  18. You’re always willing to try new things.
  19. You make me feel safe.
  20. I instantly feel better when I hear your voice.
  21. We can stay up all night and just talk about life.
  22. Your laugh is ridiculous.
  23. You think you’re funny when you’re actually not.
  24. You’re a momma’s boy.
  25. You try to be on time for things, but you fail miserably every time.
  26. You’re finally starting to see what it’s like to be a saver.
  27. You say I love you every night before bed.
  28. You always say good morning first thing in the morning.
  29. We watch documentaries together.
  30. You always give me one of your hoodies when I’m cold.
  31. You rest your hand on my thigh when you’re driving.
  32. You’re starting to love the holidays just as much as I do.
  33. You whine when you don’t get your way.
  34. We act like kids together.
  35. You kiss me on my forehead.
  36. We go for walks together and always stop at the park.
  37. We look at the stars together.
  38. You teach me about your culture.
  39. You try to make everybody feel important.
  40. We can listen to music together for hours and never get bored.
  41. We bond over video games.
  42. You call me a goofball.
  43. You get my sense of humor.
  44. I never get tired of looking at you.
  45. Your eyes are like Chocolate Lab puppies.
  46. You sacrifice your time when I need you the most.
  47. You get into these random, silly moods about once a week.
  48. You’ll be an amazing father someday.
  49. Your hugs are the most amazing hugs ever.
  50. You rub my head when I have a headache.
  51. Every happy love song reminds me of you.
  52. You constantly remind me how much you love me.
  53. You say “awww” every time you see baby animals.
  54. You’re my best friend.
  55. We do partner yoga together.
  56. You never view me as a failure.
  57. You’re always looking out for me.
  58. You don’t ever pressure me to do anything.
  59. I can go to you about anything.
  60. We take turns picking out what movie we will watch.
  61. I can’t ever stay mad at you.
  62. You give me a certain look whenever we’re around your friends.
  63. You make an effort to spend time with my family.
  64. We make a great team.
  65. We have fun going on road trips.
  66. You always pick out the perfect bouquet of flowers.
  67. You’re patient with me when I’m being annoying.
  68. You know me better than anybody else.
  69. We read books out loud to each other.
  70. You watch TV shows you “don’t” like just because I like them.
  71. You always try to make me feel better about myself.
  72. Even when I haven’t gotten dressed in days, you still tell me I’m beautiful.
  73. You’re full of adventure.
  74. You see the good in everybody.
  75. You have a deep appreciation for music.
  76. You’re sexy when you put pens behind your ear.
  77. You know what to say to defuse my anger.
  78. I feel so comfortable around you.
  79. You always try to get me to see the positive side of things.
  80. You’re the best shoulder to cry on.
  81. You make me strong.
  82. You make me brave.
  83. Our kisses always end with you smiling.
  84. You feel bad when I don’t get enough sleep.
  85. You always make excuses when you fart.
  86. We always talk about our earlier memories, even when you get annoyed by them.
  87. You wiggle your ears just to make me smile.
  88. I still get butterflies whenever I see you. Or even just think about you.
  89. You try to dance with me, even though you’re self-conscious.
  90. You wish for world peace.
  91. We both wanted to be with each other as soon as we first saw each other.
  92. I love seeing how much we’ve overcome.
  93. I can’t imagine a day without you in my life.
  94. It feels like I’ve known you my whole life.
  95. You taught me the true meaning of love.
  96. You’re my dream come true.
  97. I no longer have to search for my prince charming.
  98. You are my greatest love.
  99. I love you more today than I did yesterday.
  100. I will love you more tomorrow than I do today.

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