4 Cheesy DIY Gift Ideas for Your Partner This Valentine’s Day

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The best Valentine’s day gifts are from the heart – meaning they’re DIY and full of cheesy goodness.

Either you love Valentine’s Day, or you can’t stand this overly commercialized holiday.

I’m kind of in the middle. I do believe it’s a very commercialized holiday, but sometimes that’s what life is about.

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One thing is for certain, I don’t want to spend that much money at all on V-Day.

Actually, I find the most romantic, personal gifts are the ones you can DIY.

Here are 4 cheesy gift ideas you can easily make for your partner this Valentine’s Day:

4 DIY Gifts for Valentine’s Day


Buy a big mason jar, and fill it to the top of with small pieces of paper.

Each piece of paper should only contain one date idea.

The more unique and inexpensive, the better!

My Favorite Date Ideas:

  1. Partner Yoga
  2. Video Game Night
  3. Free Museum Days
  4. Go Hiking
  5. Stargazing

Together, decide how often you’ll pull from the jar.

Maybe you’ll have a date night once a week. Maybe you’ll only have a date once a month.

Find out whatever works for your schedule and budget best.

Jar of Dates is such a fun approach to typical date night.

You’ll run never out of date ideas. And this should also help make your relationship stronger, because you’ll be spending more quality time with each other.

You can find some of my favorite date ideas here:

They’re all super affordable, and you guessed it: FUN!



I wrote a 365 Days of Love book in a hardcover notebook for my boyfriend for our one year anniversary.

Each page in the book was a different reason why I love him.

You can make it as simple or as creative as you want.

The book I made was incredibly simple, so yours definitely doesn’t have to be fancy if you don’t want it to. But feel free to draw pictures or include photos of the two of you in it.

Because I wrote one reason on each page, I had to break it up into a two-part series. I gave the second part on our one year and a half anniversary.

For some inspiration, check out 100 Reasons Why I am So Incredibly in Love with You to get help get you started.



Does your partner complain about something often? Are they really busy and stressed out from work?

Why don’t you help them out by making your love a coupon book filled with favors for them?

All you need is blank index cards, a pen, and loose leaf binder rings

The coupons can be designed any way you’d like. You can draw on the index cards, color them, or just leave the background blank.

You can make any type of coupons you want, but I suggest making at least 10 different coupons.

Coupon examples:

  1. Wash the dishes
  2. Do the laundry
  3. Clean the bathroom
  4. Give your partner a full body massage
  5. Watch a movie of your partner’s choice

Your partner can give you a coupon at any time, and you have no choice but to do it for them.

I used to make a coupon book for my parents for their birthday or anniversary nearly every year, and they took full advantage of them!



I don’t care what you say. You can’t go wrong with a mix CD.

They ain’t eva gonna go out of style in my book.

You can buy a bunch of blank CDs for cheap, and the song possibilities are endless.

You can compile a bunch of songs you guys always listen to together, or maybe you want to make a CD of all the songs that remind you of your partner,

Or maybe you just want to make a CD of all the songs you would recommend them.

Either way, see if you find any of these songs relatable. I love them, and they remind me so much of my relationship.

In fact, the first time my boyfriend said I love you was when we were listening to a mix CD I made him for our first Christmas together.


DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts

If you’re looking to make your partner feel loved and special this Valentine’s Day, then DIY gifts are the way to go!

They’re thoughtful, meaningful, and incredibly fun!

Are you planning on making any DIY Valentine’s Day gifts this year?


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