50 Important Life Lessons I Wish I Could Tell My Younger Self

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CONTENT WARNING: This post mentions self-harm and suicide.

When I think about my younger self, I am honestly so sad. She had to endure so much shit than anybody should ever have to go through. She was in so much emotional pain, and I wish I could’ve done more to protect her.

I was always confused as a young girl. I felt like a complete stranger in my own life. Even up until I was about 16, I was a stranger in my own body.

And now that I’m older, I always try to extend my hand out to anyone I can. Especially anyone who is younger than me.

Here are 50 things I wish I could’ve told my younger self:

50 Life Lessons I Wish I Could Tell My Younger Self

1. Listen to your gut

Honestly, you know more than you think.

2. Not everybody is trustworthy

3. Don’t fall for every guy who’s nice to you

Chances are they don’t care about you at all.

4. It’s okay to talk about your problems

Despite what you think, there are people who care.

5. Your parents don’t always know everything

Sometimes they don’t know shit.

6. Learn to enjoy time just by yourself

Don’t rely on other people for your happiness.

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7. You are loved

Remember that.

8. Please don’t hurt yourself

It’s not worth it, and there are other ways to cope.

9. Not everybody is worth your friendship

Some people will take advantage of your kindness.

10. Nobody is going to remember that embarrassing thing you did 5 years ago

11. Stick up for other people when they are bullied

12. It’s okay to not drink, smoke, or do drugs

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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13. It’s okay to be weird

People who make fun of you aren’t worth your time.

14. Your dreams aren’t crazy

Always chase after your passions.

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15. Sometimes people don’t want your advice

16. Self-help books are amazing

17. Grades aren’t the most important thing 

You won’t even remember what grade you got on that math exam in the tenth grade.

18. Don’t worry if people notice your sweaty hands, armpits, or feet

If they truly cared about you, they wouldn’t care at all about your hyperhidrosis.

19. One person does makes a difference

20. Never give up on yourself

You are worth it.

21. It’s okay to say no 

You don’t have to explain yourself.

22. Keep practicing yoga

You’ll thank yourself later.

23. Your face and body are perfect just the way they are

Practicing loving them more.

24. Your red hair is amazing 

Don’t listen to what others say.

25. Drink more tea

Your mind and body will thank you.

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26. It’s okay to like bubble baths

Just put your hair up in a bun first.

27. True love will come

and it will be the most wonderful, honest, and scary feeling ever.

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28. Sometimes family isn’t everything

29. Documentaries will open your eyes to so many new things 

Most of them aren’t even boring.

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30. Stop surrounding yourself with negative energy

31. Get rid of all the toxic people in your life

You’ll be so much better off

32. Always be yourself


33. If someone is suicidal, reach out to them

You might be the only one who does.

34. Mental health is so freaking important

Don’t be embarrassed by it.

35. Don’t let your fears stop you from living your life

36. Make sure the people in your life know that you care about them

37. There’s nothing wrong with being wrong

It’s called learning.

38. Learn to be a better listener

Learn to listen, not to reply.

39. Forgive yourself

Stop beating yourself up all the time.

40. Rice is everything

41. Not everybody says please and thank you

42. Having a schedule will help keep your anxiety down

43. Sit in nature more often

Mother Earth is one of life’s greatest healers.

44. There’s more to life than social media

45. Learn as much about yourself as you can 

46. Continue to write

Even when it hurts.

47. Your worth is not measured by how many people like you

48. Deep down, there’s a light that never goes out

49. You are important

50. You matter more than you will ever know


What would you tell your younger self if you got the chance?


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