7 Heart-Warming Ways Our Pets Help with Depression

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I don’t know about you, but my pets help with my depression tremendously.

Even when I’m feeling mad at the world, I know my dogs will always be there to make me smile and feel less alone.

I’ve got myself three doggies. Two German Shepherds and a Pit Bull. I got the Grump, the Creeper, and the Stalker.

They’re all beautiful girls with completely different personalities

Sadly, my almost 15-year-old Grump passed away a couple of years ago, but I still consider her as my dog. She’s just not here in the physical world anymore.

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Being a Huge Animal Lover

If you know even an ounce about me, you’ll know that I’m a huge animal lover. Like, an enormous animal lover.

I’ve been meat-free since 2005 and officially made the switch to veganism in 2016.

This means I don’t consume meat, dairy, eggs, or any other animal product. I don’t wear leather, wool, silk, or fleece, and I even don’t purchase products that have been tested on animals or contain any animal ingredients.

So yeah, I know that animals are freaking amazing

They’re honestly what make my world go round, and they know exactly how to change how I’m feeling in an instant.

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7 Ways Our Pets Help with Our Depression

1. They’re sad to see us go

On the days we feel like we can’t take life anymore, we may feel like giving up.

We tend to think that no one cares about us and that no one will miss us when we’re gone.

We’re wrong.

So, so, so wrong.

During these times, just stop and remember how sad your pets are each and every time they watch you leave your house

They’ll follow you to the door, and their tails will drop as you close the door behind you.

That should be enough to keep you on keepin’ on.

Dang, makes me upset just thinking about it.

2. We get a welcome home present every day

Even if I just leave the house for a couple minutes, my dogs will bark loud and obnoxiously from the moment they hear my car in the driveway all the way until I greet them inside the front door.

I think it’s their way of saying hi, Hi, HIIIIIIIII! to me. 

And of course, I use my most sought-after baby voice when I say hi to them in return.

Side note: Back when I was in school, my sister said that my dogs could sense the time I would usually get home.

She’d watch them go lay by the front door and wait for me there until I came home.

If that ain’t love, I don’t know what is.

3. They get us off our butts

It’s always right when I sit down that one of my dogs wants to go outside, or they’re begging to be fed at this exact moment or else they’re going to die from starvation.

I don’t know about you, but that is just the motivation I need to get off my big ole butt and help them.

Because let’s face it…I’ve got no choice but to look after them.

These little movements can add up over time to a healthier and happier brain.

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4. They help relieve our anxiety

Anxiety and depression often go hand and hand.

For me, it’s a vicious cycle of feeling like I’m not doing enough while not feeling like I can do anything at all.

That being said, our pets can sense our anxiety.

Your cat will nudge your elbow until you pet their head. Your dog will playfully bark at you until you rub their belly.

These soothing touches have been proven to relieve our anxiety, and in return, make us more calm and happy.

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5. They keep us company

The last thing my introverted self wants after going out in public is being around people.

I just want to relax and not have to fake a smile anymore.

Even if I want to be alone in my bedroom, it’s still so comforting to hear my pet’s soothing snores next to me on my bed.

They know exactly how to keep me company without me having to put on a facade. This makes me feel so much less lonely.

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6. We want to see them happy

I want to spoil my dogs into happiness. I want to see their tails wag.

Actually, I need to see their tails wag.

That thump thump thump against the floor is sometimes the only thing moment that can make me happy.

And every bit of happiness is so important in fighting depression.

Plus, our pet’s mission in life is to essentially please their family members. It’s what they live for.

7. Yes, we can feel the love tonight

Our pets provide us with this unconditional love that is so hard to explain to those who’ve never been had fur babies.

Even if we’re having a bad day, they still look at us like we’re the greatest thing to ever step foot on this earth.

It’s like we have this ray of light all around us, and they’re so mesmerized by our beauty.

To them, we can do no wrong.

Even if we hate ourselves, they will never hate us.

Pets Help With Depression

Our pets are there with us during our key life milestones

My dogs have been with me during my highs, and they’ve been by my side during my very, very depressive lows.

They’ve wagged their tails until I was smiling. They’ve licked the tears away from my face.

They truly know how to heal us.

Do you have any pets? How do they help with your depression?

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