3 Nasty Habits I Picked Up Because of Depression

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Although I’ve lived with mental illness my whole life, I am not a medical professional. If you need help finding a mental health care provider, call 1-800-662-HELP (4357) or visit BetterHelp to talk to a certified therapist online at an affordable price. This post contains affiliate links. You can read my full disclaimer.

Depression affects us all in many ways. We lose motivation. We lose relationships with people we used to be close to. We even lose ourselves

My relationship with my boyfriend has definitely been affected the most out of any type of relationship I have with people. I get angry. I get cold. I even have to force myself to even text him back.

The worst part of depression is that I fell back into the same self-harm patterns I used to have. It got so bad that I got addicted to it, and now I’m battling every day to recover from my addiction.

Despite the serious side effects of depression, we can also pick up some pretty nasty habits that we kind of like to keep secret.

3 Nasty Habits I Picked Up Because of Depression


Let me tell you a little somethin’, somethin’. I’ve always hated doing dishes. Actually, I would only do them as a kid if my dad would offer to pay me 10 cents to do them. I never had an allowance or got money for doing chores as a kid, so this was huge. I’m talking about life savings huge here.

Before I fell back into my most recent episode of depression, it would always take a while for me to wash my pots and pans. But now I don’t even attempt to put them in the sink.

Before I fell victim to depression, I would put my glass of water next to the sink every night. Now I’m lucky if I remember which glass in my room is the glass I used most recently. They all still have some type of beverage in them.

I used to scrap the food off my plate in the garbage can and rinse it in the sink before I would stick it the dishwasher. I used to bring my dishes from my room to the dishwasher after every meal. Now I leave bowls,  plates, silverware, mugs, and glasses all scattered around the house.

Not even worrying about what type of bacteria is growing on them.


With a mix of working with clothes every day and falling back into depression, my bedroom has become a zoo for all things messy. It takes about a month for the laundry to get put away, because it’s much easier for me to have the clothes to just stay on the ground.

Let’s not even mention how my bathroom looks now. There are clothes all over the counter.

The thing is I work early most mornings, so I pick out my outfit the night before. Most of the time, I don’t know how the outfit will look, or if I’ll feel like even wearing it. This means I bring options into the bathroom. The problem is those clothes just keep piling higher and higher, because I never seem to clean them off.

But there is a method to this madness. I know that all the clothes on the ground and counter are clean. One thing I do right is the dirty clothes always make their way to the hamper.

Gotta see one positive in this hell.

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I pretty much need to wash my hair every day, because the grease easily piles up. Plus, I absolutely hate feeling dirty.

The problem with me is that I’ll just focus on feeling dirty nonstop until I take a shower. It’s an obsession, and I literally feel the dirt crawling on my skin, especially near my joints and the nape of my neck.

But now I skip showers and let myself soak up the dirt. Yes, I still heavily focus on the dirty feeling, but I just don’t care anymore. And that’s a scary realization.

And on nights I don’t take a shower, I can’t even find the motivation to change into my pajamas. I’ll just take my pants off and sleep in the shirt I wore all day.

And shaving. Oh man. I just keep passing up shaving day after day. I let all the hair grow out for weeks, if not months, at a time. Someone might say I’m just lazy. But I literally have no motivation.

On top of that, I used to religiously brush and floss my teeth. Now, most days I can’t even find it in me to brush my teeth after I eat breakfast. I barely care to floss my teeth before bed, because that’ll mean I’ll get an extra 15 seconds to be in my bed.

And as I admit these things to myself, I know I’m on the road to recovery. You gotta start somewhere.

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  1. I had no idea

  2. Nancy Lipe

    I have a problems concerning the help I am getting at my counseling center.
    I have been receiving help there.
    It started when my Doctor left for a better job. Then they laid off my therapist. And she was the only one who did home visits.
    Then they replaced my Doctor with LPN
    She has been changing my medicine without us discussing it.
    My step son was also going. He quit because he wasn’t getting the care he needed. And because this new LPN talked to him opening about what I discussed in my session, about him.
    I reported this from some higher, and was told it would be “handled”. And I have haven’t heard back from them.
    I saw this woman yesterday. She treats you like you are not even a person.
    She is slowly cutting out my anxiety meds. She said the state is doing it.
    And when I don’t agree with her, she tells me I can just go some other place then. I was so upset I started stuttering.
    The clinic was always a safe place but not now.
    My case worker has retired before it got worse.
    And she was the sweetest wiman.a
    And so was my therapist. Now I have my next appt with another woman that has no knowledge of me, do my new treatment plan. Her title is a ” program director”
    I just am at a stand still on what I can do.
    Behaving like they are, how many patient’s have they hurt. No one should be able to treat mentally ill patients like this.
    They can’t meds with clients medicine like this. I told the woman yesterday that a put brains can suffer.
    I just don’t know how to proceed from here.
    I am in a good place right now, so I can try to help. And who knows how much I can stay like this. Tomorrow could be a bad day.
    And I feel like I need to speak out for our care we deserve. Because other patients don’t know how to speak up for themselves. Like the days I have to pay a bill over the phone-it just seems overwhelming.
    Thank you for listening.

    • I’m so sorry to hear that you and others aren’t getting the help you all deserve. The workers there seem very unprofessional and like they don’t care about their patients at all. I hope you can find some resolution soon. My thoughts are with you <3

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