5 Eye-Opening Ways to Gain More Self-Confidence

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If you’re looking for how to gain more self-confidence, know that you landed on this page in divine timing.

Self-love, self-esteem, and self-confidence all go hand-in-hand.

And they all make for a harrowing, beautiful journey.

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My Self-Confidence Journey

I was lucky enough to become comfortable in my own skin pretty much during my junior year of high school.

I was just getting out of a severe depression that was riddled by thoughts of suicide and self-harm, and I was learning that there was more to life than caring about what other people thought about me.

Even though I have really bad social anxiety, being in front of an audience never really bothered me.

By senior year, I was presenting projects in swimming flippers while making eye contact with everyone in the room.

A couple years later, I even gave a speech about “Why You Should Always Be Yourself” in my college speech class.

These four years were pivotal in my learning to feel truly confident in my skin.

I learned what self-expression was. I learned how to brush off negative comments that were whispered around me.

I learned to accept that not many people will understand why I laugh at pretty much everything in the world.

And while self-confidence ebbs and flows, it always rises again.

Now, let’s dive deeper into how to gain more self-confidence.

6 Eye-Opening Ways to Gain More Self-Confidence


Talking to a therapist might help you break through your low self-esteem.

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Honestly, a huge part about confidence is faking it until you make it.

If you act confident, I guarantee no one will know that you’re dead nervous to walk out in stiletto heels and a little black dress.

For a long time, I was scared to try new clothes. I would stick to my jeans and t-shirt.

Now I’m all about colored tights and fuzzy socks sticking obnoxiously out of my boots.

And whether you believe in rocking a makeup-free face or not, wearing red lipstick has been said to increase our confidence.

I know that whenever I wear lipstick, I feel braver. I feel a little bit more like I can take on the world.

And damn straight, I feel more confident and sexy.


This one will probably make you feel hella awkward.

But I promise it will also make you feel more and more amazing as time goes on.

Go ahead and stand in front of a mirror.

Here’s the catch. You cannot point out your “flaws.”

This is not the time for bashing words of self-hate. No mean words allowed.

The bathroom has got to be viewed an anti-hate zone

Self-Love Zone

During this exercise, you can only point out the things that you like about yourself.

I recommend looking at yourself in the mirror and pointing out the personality traits that you like about yourself long before you start diving deep into the physical parts of yourself.

Only when you can genuinely say that you like yourself as a person should you talk about how amazing you look on the outside too!

My Example:

  • I love that I’m only 5 feet tall and have to wear kid’s shoes.
  • I love the way my hair feels on the small of my back and that my eyes sparkle in the light.
  • I love that I have freckles and that I can make so many people smile.

Do you feel silly? That’s okay! Keep going!

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More on self-love mantras:


Without a doubt, this one has helped me the most in learning to be confident in my skin.

I am always dancing. (Badly)

And no, no, no, I’m not talking about dancing like the next Joffrey Ballet performer. (Like I said. Dancing badly)

I’m talking about moving like you can’t stop grooving type of dancing.

If a good tune comes on, I start bobbing my feet and swaying side to side.

If I’m excited that a shirt I love is on clearance, I’ll put a little extra hip into my happy dance.

I may look like a freakazoid, but who the eff cares? I am a freakazoid.

Plus, when people join in on your great dancing skillz, you’ll be hit with one of the best feelings in the world.


Self-confidence is hard to come by.

It’s even tougher when social media is shoved down our throats in nearly every aspect of our lives.

And you know what? Social media can be the modern day plague.

People are the most vicious online, because they can say whatever they want to whoever they want.

They get to hide away while they deal pain to other people.

I’ve literally had a complete internet stranger tell me that I wasn’t suicidal and that I was just looking for attention, because I choose to talk about my mental illnesses.

I’ve also been sexually harassed numerous times – I’m looking at you Instagram.

There have been too many stories about people ending their lives because of the bullying on social media.

This has got to stop.

This is why you should limit time on social media like the plague.

You are so much better than the words others throw at you.


Instead of bullying people in one way or another, we should all try our best to lift people up

Lifting other people up helps lift us up.

So if you’re a kind, genuine person, you’re already driving on the road to self-confidence.

When we make other people feel good about themselves by giving them a genuine compliment, we will feel the effects of their happiness for a long time.

Plus, they will feel a little bit more confident in their skin for the rest of the day. It’s a win, win!

When you find someone beautiful, don’t be afraid to tell them they’re beautiful. When someone has a great smile or an inviting personality, tell them!

Don’t overthink it. You might not know how much they need that little boost.

Self-Love eBook

In this FREE 16-page, detailed eBook, I offer all the inside knowledge I personally use on my self-love journey.

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Self-Confidence is a Journey

I’m still human too.

And yes, I have my bad days. I have my bad weeks.

Like I said, I still struggle with really bad social anxiety.

But, ya know what?

I try my best every day to understand that my anxieties have very little to do with how I feel in my skin.

I have more control over how I feel about myself than my anxieties do.

Would you consider yourself comfortable in your own skin? What are you doing to promote self-love?

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Self-Love eBook

In this FREE 16-page, detailed eBook, I offer all the inside knowledge I personally use on my self-love journey.

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