80 Things to Get Rid of Right Now to Start Your Minimalism Journey

80 Things to Get Rid of Right Now to Start Your Minimalism Journey

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I’ve been on a minimalism journey for a while now. Here and there, I declutter stuff I don’t use, don’t like, and don’t want. Every time I do, I start to feel more calm in my surroundings.

I can’t say I’ll ever reach the status of a minimalist. In fact, there are things that I truly enjoy having a collection of, like movies. But it’s hard to deny that decluttering and minimizing my things helps my anxiety.

It helps me feel more organized. I can find things more easily, and I’m not as overwhelmed all the time.

Below, you’ll read 80 things to get rid of right now to start your minimalism journey.

80 Things to Get Rid of Right Now to Start Your Minimalism Journey:

1. Unused makeup. If it’s gently used, you can sanitize it and sell it.

2. Old pamphlets from places you’ve already been or you will never go to

3. Extra school supplies. Donate it to kids in need

4. Gift cards with a $0 balance

5. Old magazines you’ve been keeping just because the pictures are pretty

6. Movies you never watch. Donate them or sell them

7. Stretched out ponytails

8. Old batteries. Take them to be recycled.

9. Plastic bags. Take them back to the store to be recycled

10. Outgrown toys. Donate or sell them.

11. Broken toys you wish weren’t broken

12. Puzzles with missing pieces

13. Towels with frays. Donate them to an animal shelter

14. Coffee mugs you never drink out of

15. Clothes with stains that you pretend don’t exist

16. Broken phone chargers

17. Broken headphones

18. Old cleaning supplies

19. Expired coupons

20. Menus to restaurants you never order from

21. Junk mail

22. Dried up or goopy nail polish

23. Photos with doubles or bad quality

24. Ketchup packets from fast food places

25. Broken Christmas lights

26. Old light bulbs

27. Cookbooks you never use

28. Incomplete board games

29. Expired perfume

30. Old calendars

31. Used ink cartridges

32. Product samples you will never use

33. Old paint cans

34. Wooden paint stirrers

35. Unsafe pet toys

36. Broken hangers

37. Socks with holes in them

38. Emails that go back months and months

39. Expired medicine

40. Canned food you won’t eat. Donate to a food pantry.

41. Wrapping paper scraps you’ve been holding on to for years

42. Old birthday and anniversary cards

43. CDs you’ll never listen to again. Donate or sell them

44. Belts that no longer fit

45. Spices that aren’t fresh anymore

46. Shoes that are worn down

47. Tupperware with missing lids

48. Markers that dried out

49. Old receipts

50. Old power cords to mysterious appliances

51. DIY projects you’re never going to finish

52. Plastic cutlery

53. Broken jewelry

54. Old cell phones. You can cash them in.

55. Memorabilia with no attachment to it

56. Notebooks from high school

57. Dead house plants. Rest in peace.

58. Old chapstick

59. Wall posters you’re never going to display

60. Socks with no match

61. College textbooks you’ll never read again. Sell them on Amazon.

62. All the hotel soaps you took home with you

63. Old baby items

64. Suitcases you haven’t used in years

65. Unused contact lens cases

66. Your old glasses from 10 years ago

67. Broken sunglasses

68. Weird vacuum cleaner attachments

69. Incomplete deck of cards

70. Crayons that have been worn down to nothing

71. The excessive amount of magnets on your fridge

72. Filled wordsearch puzzle books

73. Filled coloring books

74. Old business cards

75. Phone books. You can find every number online nowadays

76. Makeup bags you get for free

77. Random knick knacks that just collect dust

78. Keychains

79. Free promotional items you’ll never use

80. Scratched up kitchen pots and pans

To take away…

Don’t wait to start you minimalism journey until next week. Start right now. Every little bit helps, and every little bit will help you on your journey to feeling more calm.

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Have you started a minimalism journey? What items have you gotten rid of?

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