85 Calming Affirmations for Relieving Anxiety and Panic Attacks

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It took me a long time to get on board with positive affirmations for anxiety and panic attacks.

Not gonna lie. I used to think people who practiced them were incredibly naïve.

Well…jokes on me. Because this stuff actually works!

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So what exactly is the deal with positive affirmations for anxiety and panic attacks?

Well, they reveal the limiting beliefs you have about yourself.

You’ve spent so many years believing bad things about yourself and thinking that they were true. You’ve thought you would never find a good relationship, be successful, or have enough money to have the life you want.

The goal of positive affirmations is to work as dismantling these beliefs, because they are not true.

Is it easier to go through life with these negative emotions and feelings about yourself? Does that make living with stress and anxiety easier?

Life actually becomes A LOT easier when you change how you see yourself and the situations you’re in.

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85 Calming Affirmations for Anxiety and Panic Attacks

1. I am able to observe this feeling and allow it to pass.

2. This situation and feeling WILL pass.

3. I am more capable than I give myself credit for.

4. I am safe.

5. My mind is powerful and full of healing energy.

6. I approach this situation with openness and strength.

7. I am incredibly courageous. 

8. It feels so good to be in control of my mind, my body, and my life.

9. I cultivate the patience to overcome anxiety.

10. I use my unique strengths to move beyond anxiety.

11. Through the power of my thoughts, positive changes are happening in me.

12. I live only in this moment.

13. Every breath in calms me and every breath exhaled releases tension.

14. I love myself deeply and unconditionally.

15. I am confident in solving life’s problems successfully. 

16. Every cell in my body is relaxed and oozes calmness.

17. I live in peace.

18. I look forward to the future with happiness.

19. All is well in my world.

20. I live my life courageously.

21. Anxiety is a normal emotion.

22. I trust in the universe to live a well and fulfilled life.

23. With every breath, I release the anxiety inside me.

24. I let go of my fear of anything and everything.

25. I am prepared for change.

26. My body is healing and improving every day.

27. I have the courage to make this a great day.

28. I am feeling healthy and strong today.

29. Everything I need comes to me at the right time.

30. I am not afraid of my feelings.

31. My work on Earth has meaning and purpose.

32. I choose to see the best side of people and circumstances.

33. I am getting rid of tension, fear, and stress with every breath.

34. I can overcome all pain and loss in my life.

35. I am free of past and future failure.

36. My struggles are opportunities to grow.

37. I have completely let go of all my perceived limitations. 

38. I have released all harmful tension from my mind and body.

39. I am free of all pain from past trauma.

40. I have let go of all the pain of my past.

41. I am free of all feelings of anger, irritability, and jealousy. 

42. I am free of obsessions and compulsions.

43. I have replaced all feelings of overwhelm with faith that everything will turn out.

44. I have replaced all feelings of guilt with reassuring ones.

45. I have let go of replaying negative situations in my mind.

46. I remain calm regardless of the situation or outcome.

47. I am free of all need to be certain of the future.

48. I do the best I can, and I am happy with that.

49. I am more than my anxiety.

50. I have let go of all feelings of hopelessness.

51. I am bigger than any negative thing could possibly be.

52. I have let go of any need to be perfect.

53. I approach all situations with hope and confidence.

54. I am free of all feelings of criticism and judgment from others.

55. I have released any irrational feelings of fear.

56. My responsibilities are opportunities to grow. 

57. I enjoy peaceful, rejuvenating sleep.

58. I have let go of the compulsions of needing to do something a certain way.

59. I can overcome any challenge I face.

60. Enormous joy is filling my mind and body.

61. I have everything I need for a wonderful life.

62. I easily express myself to others without fear.

63. I am self-assured.

64. I am happy the future is exactly like how I decide to make it.

65. I have tremendous peace of mind.

66. I replace fear of change with optimistic expectations.

67. I believe in myself wholeheartedly. 

68. Mistakes will happen, and I am okay with that truth.

69. What I cannot change, I embrace.

70. I know that I have the support of others.

71. I deserve to set and reach big, rewarding goals.

72. Change helps me realize my potential.

73. I am allowed to breathe deeper into this.

74. I choose to fill my mind with positive, nurturing, and healing thoughts.

75. This feeling is temporary.

76. Anxiety serves me in a positive way.

77. There is a calmness inside me.

78. I live in peace.

79. I believe these affirmations are making a huge difference in my life.

80. With each breath, I feel calmer, more relaxed, more self-confident.

81. I feel relaxed, calm, and empowered throughout my day. 

82. Stress flows out of me easily.

83. I act with courage when I feel fear.

84. I accept that many situations are out of my control.

85. All my limitations have dissolved.


Now that you have read these affirmations, let’s see how you can correctly apply them.

1. Let go of negative affirmations

How many times a day do you not believe in your abilities, skills, or even yourself? How many times a day do you catch yourself saying negative insults about yourself?

I’m sure you’ve caught yourself saying things like: I will never be healthy enough, I’m not smart enough, My body will never look the way I want it to.

These negative affirmations are destructive to your self-esteem, your success, and your ability to manage your stress and anxiety.

As soon as you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts, pause and stop yourself. Letting go of negative affirmations might be the most important step in learning to use affirmations correctly.

2. Replace with nothing

That’s right. Get used to saying nothing at all.

Pay attention to how you feel when you don’t react to any of your negative thoughts. Get comfortable with not giving them power.

This might be more difficult than you imagined, and that’s okay. You were conditioned to absorb negativity.

3. Incorporate positive affirmations

Now’s the time to start saying positive affirmations. You can say them to yourself internally or out loud. 

Positive affirmations are always in the present tense, include positive words, and are spoken as a fact and the truth.

The most powerful affirmations are the ones that turn your negative thoughts into positive ones. 

Using the examples above, start saying: I AM healthy, I AM incredibly smart, My body IS beautiful.

4. Repeat the process

Using affirmations correctly takes practice and dedication.

Let me say that again. It takes practice, practice, and more practice.

You won’t be able to say these 85 affirmations once and feel much different. The first couple of times you practice them, you might even feel defeated because they didn’t really work at all.

But keep at it. Keep letting go of negative affirmations, getting comfortable with the silence, and then incorporating positive affirmations.

To wrap up:

If you’re not sure about affirmations, really take the time to practice them. Take the time to really believe in them and their power.

It’s best if you say these calming affirmations for anxiety and panic attacks both morning and night for 21 days straight.

That’s when you’ll really start to see a difference in your anxiety!

What are your favorite affirmations for anxiety and panic attacks? Share below!

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