105 Childhood Memories Questions (to Connect with Your Inner Child)

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Asking childhood memories questions is a thought-provoking way to connect with and heal your inner child.

Some questions will bring happy, nostalgic feelings, while others will make you reflect on the not-so-pretty parts of your childhood.

Either way, take some time out of your day, grab a pen and paper, and write down each answer and see how much you start to nurture the kid in you.

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Childhood Memories Questions

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Basic Childhood Memory Questions
Childhood Favorites
School and Learning
Religion and Spirituality
Your Emotional Memories

Basic Childhood Memory Questions

1. What decade were you a young kid in?

2. What decade were you a teenager in?

3. Did you grow up in the city, suburbs, or somewhere rural?

4. Was your family a traditional or more unconventional household?

5. What was your family life and dynamic growing up?

6. How many siblings do you have?

7. Which parent did you get along most with?

8. What was a weekly night like for you and your family?

9. How did you and your family spend your weekends?

10. What was your family’s financial situation growing up?

11. Were your basic needs met (money, food, shelter, clothes)?

12. What responsibilities or chores did you have growing up?

13. Were you given an allowance?

14. What did you admire most about your parents?

15. What do you wish your parents did differently?

16. What was your parents’ discipline or punishment style?

17. Did you have any childhood nicknames?

18. How did your parents handle stress?

19. How did your parents handle anger?

20. What is your earliest childhood memory?

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Childhood Favorites

21. What was your favorite game you played with friends and family?

22. What toy you could play with all day long?

23. What stuffed animal did you hold onto close?

24. What was your favorite outdoor activity you could stay outside from sun up to sun down for?

25. What was one song or album you listened to on repeat?

26. Which musician could you not wait for their next album to release?

27. What movie did you watch until you knew every line?

28. What TV show did you watch until you knew every episode?

29. Which actor did you look forward to seeing?

30. Which holiday did you look forward to every year?

31. What was your favorite tradition your family had?

32. What was the best family vacation you ever went on?

33. What was your go-to fashion style?

34. Did you have a favorite shirt or pair of shoes?

35. What art or craft did you love creating?

36. What was your favorite food you could eat every single day?

37. What was your favorite drink you could have with every meal?

38. What book could you read over and over again?

39. What was your favorite hiding or secret spot you could stay in forever?

40. What was your favorite aspect of your personality?

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41. Which schools did you attend growing up?

42. Did you walk, bike, take the bus, or take another transportation to get to school?

43. Did you enjoy going to school?

44. What was your go-to school lunch?

45. What subject in school you were actually interested in?

46. What expectations did your parents have of you academically?

47. Did grades in school define your self-worth?

48. Were there any challenges or difficulties you faced in your education?

49. What was a school project you did that you were proud of?

50. What was your greatest school accomplishment?

51. What grade did you like best?

52. Were you involved in any school plays or performances?

53. Were you a part of any school clubs or organizations?

54. What sports or extracurricular activities did you participate in?

55. Were you involved in any leadership roles or student government?

56. What was the most memorable field trip you went on?

57. Who was a teacher that made a lasting impact on you?

58. What was your time like in high school?

59. Did you dread or enjoy studying and doing homework?

60. What was your favorite memory from your school years?

61. What was your favorite thing to do on summer break?

62. How did your education shape your future career or life path?

63. Do you feel like you followed the path your parents wanted you to take or have you taken your own?

64. What were you passionate about as a kid?

65. What is one thing about your education experience that you would change?

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66. Who were your childhood best friends?

67. How often did you spend time with your friends outside of school?

68. What activities did you and your friends do when you were together?

69. Did you feel like you belonged in your friend group?

70. How important was “fitting in”?

71. Did you feel like you were more mature than your peers?

72. Were you jealous of your friends or peers?

73. Were you more outgoing or more shy?

74. Were you more of an introvert or extrovert?

75. What was your parents’ social life like?

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Religion and Spirituality

76. Did your family raise you religious?

77. What religion were you ascribed to?

78. Where did you worship?

79. What was the place of worship you attended like?

80. Did you enjoy attending religious ceremonies?

81. What memories do you associate with your family’s faith?

82. Did you have any religious traditions?

83. What role did religion have in your life growing up?

84. How often did you pray?

85. How did your spirituality shape you?

Spirituality and inner child healing

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Your Emotional Memories

86. Were your emotional needs met (attention, connection, security, privacy, etc)?

87. Did you receive the affection you craved?

88. Do you think your parents were emotionally mature or emotionally immature?

89. Were you allowed to have low or negative emotions?

90. How did your parents respond when you cried as a kid?

91. Were you made to feel like you were too needy of love and affection?

92. When you were scared, how did your parents react?

93. Were you afraid of anyone growing up?

94. Do you feel like you had to walk on eggshells around your parents?

95. Was mad considered bad in your household?

96. When was a time you were grounded?

97. What was the worst way you were punished?

98. What is one nightmare you remember?

99. Did your parents force you to give a hug or kiss to family members?

100. Were you a fan of being tickled growing up?

101. How often did your parents compliment you?

102. Were you encouraged to have freedom of expression?

103. Did your parents make negative comments about your appearance?

104. Who hurt you the most in childhood?

105. What hurtful words from your parents do you still hear in your head?

Questions about childhood memories

Answering questions about your childhood is a fantastic way to connect with your inner child.

When you have a difficult time answering a question, it might mean you need to do some inner child work with a therapist.

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Best Childhood Memories Questions