101 Healing Inner Child Affirmations (to Reparent Yourself)

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Inner Child Affirmations

Reparenting yourself takes massive effort, but speaking inner child affirmations can help speed up the healing process.

Whether you have a mother wound or father wound (or both), I’m sure you’ve experienced a lot of invalidation throughout your life.

These 101 affirmations for your inner child will be self-nurturing, healing, and undeniably life-changing.

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Affirmations help shine a light on the limiting beliefs you have about yourself and your life.

Let’s get real for a moment…how many of these sentences have you said to yourself? 👇

Common Negative Inner Child Affirmations:

🛑 Nobody could possibly love me.

🛑 All I will ever be is a failure.

🛑 I’m too much for people.

🛑 God, I’m such a big burden.

🛑 I’m a broken mess.

I’m guessing you’ve spent so many precious years saying these horrific things about yourself.

And because you’ve been saying these things to yourself since you were a small child, I’m sure you even believe that these inexcusable thoughts are true.

That you are broken.

That you are unlovable.

I promise with every fiber of my being, this is not true.

It’s time to gain your life back.

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The goal of self-nurturing affirmations is to work as dismantling these beliefs.

Because life becomes a lot more fulfilling when you heal your mindset and how you see yourself.

No matter how cheesy you think reading affirmations is, your brain needs to hear them.

Because guess what?

Your brain believes the words you tell yourself.

Reparenting affirmations are important

Your parents lied to you.

Your parents made you believe there was something inherently wrong with you.

When you start speaking, thinking, and believing these inner child affirmations, a part of your soul will be healed.

You are so worthy of love, acceptance, and kindness.

It’s time to fill your head with these 101 mantras and affirmations for healing the inner child (that are filled with so much self-love!).

Affirmations for the Inner Child

1. Today, I focus on inner child healing.

2. I will no longer gaslight myself.

3. I forgive my younger self.

4. The pain I experienced in childhood is real.

5. It is safe for me to reparent myself.

6. I am worthy of love.

7. My inner child’s voice deserves to be heard.

8. It is safe for me to cry.

9. I am protected now.

10. I am safe now.

11. My self-worth is greater than I can ever imagine.

12. I am worthy of all the love life has to offer.

13. I deserve to be treated with respect.

14. I outwardly express love for my inner child

15. It is safe for me to express joy.

16. It is safe for me to laugh and play.

17. The child in me is free.

18. I love my younger self.

19. I honor my younger self.

20. I cherish my younger self.

21. Every day, I embrace who I am more and more.

22. My inner child is happy.

23. My inner child is at peace.

24. I release all pain I’ve been carrying for years.

25. It is safe for me to seek professional help.

26. Today, I release all feelings of guilt.

27. I frequently check in on my inner child.

28. I am healing more and more every day.

29. I will confidently overcome any obstacles sent my way.

30. It is safe for me to put myself first.

31. I deserve to set boundaries with my parents.

32. I honor, respect, and love my inner child.

33. The people who love me will stay.

34. I attract people into my life who are good for my soul.

35. Today, I let go of all feelings of shame.

36. I give myself grace and time to heal my inner child.

37. I am the hero in my own story.

38. I am the one who saves myself.

39. I listen to my inner child’s voice with conviction.

40. Every day, I choose to reparent myself.

41. I am stronger than I give myself credit for.

42. I am braver than all the Disney princesses combined.

43. My voice is sturdy and confident.

44. My hope has been restored.

45. I release all feelings of burden I’ve held on to for years.

46. I am worthy of impeccable things.

47. My inner child is thriving.

48. I choose myself each and every single day.

49. It is safe for me to express both happy and sad emotions.

50. All my past experiences have led me to this moment.

51. I am in a healing space.

52. The intense hurt I feel is true and valid.

53. Today, I hold my inner child’s hand with tenderness and love.

54. I communicate with my inner child daily.

55. Expressing vulnerability is my strength.

56. I fully accept myself in my current state.

57. It is safe for me to ask for support.

58. Sharing my story helps heal myself and others.

59. Every day, I connect with my inner child.

60. It is safe to let my playfulness shine.

61. I am allowed to make mistakes.

62. I forgive myself for all past mistakes.

63. I choose to stop going down the path of self-hatred and self-destruction.

64. With every breath, I honor who I am.

65. I accept myself unconditionally.

66. My life is a place of happiness and love.

67. I am lovable.

68. I cherish the unique person I am.

69. I easily set boundaries in all areas of my life.

70. I respect myself and treat myself with kindness and love.

71. When others speak negatively of who I am, I let the negatives roll easily off my back.

72. I choose not to take it personally.

73. I choose to stop apologizing for who I am.

74. The only approval I will ever need is my own.

75. I honor my inner voice.

76. I have valuable things to say.

77. Others value me and my opinions.

78. Love is my birthright.

86. I am meant to be here.

87. I am in charge of my emotions, desires, and abilities.

88. My mind is free of resistance.

89. The changes I am making in my life will set my soul free.

79. Today, I choose to be patient with myself.

80. My inner child is healing from the inside out.

81. I give myself permission to make myself a priority

82. I am allowed to express pain.

83. My childhood trauma is releasing with every breath.

84. I am unstoppable.

85. My inner child looks up to the person I am today.

86. I am carefree.

87. I trust myself.

88. It is safe for me to trust others.

89. I can rely on me.

90. My inner child guides me throughout my life.

91. I release all thoughts of not being good enough.

92. I am motherf*cking good enough.

93. I am whole and complete.

94. The past is the past for a reason

95. I live in the here and now.

96. I feel blessed to be who I am today and every day.

97. I believe these affirmations are making a massive difference in my life.

98. My experiences in childhood were cruel, traumatic, and abusive.

99. I fully trust what my inner child is telling me.

100. All my inner child wounds are healed.

101. I am excited to see where the future takes me — with a full and open heart.


Now that you have read these inner child affirmations, let’s see how you can correctly apply them. ⤵️

1. Let go of negative affirmations

How many times a day do you not believe that the trauma you experienced throughout childhood was valid?

How many times a day do you catch yourself saying negative insults about yourself?

I’m sure you’ve caught yourself saying things like:

🚫 I am broken and unlovable.

🚫 Why can’t my parents just love me?

🚫 I’ll always feel this way.

These negative affirmations are destructive to your self-esteem, your happiness, and your ability to love and appreciate yourself.

As soon as you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts, pause and stop yourself.

Letting go of negative affirmations might be the most important step in learning to use affirmations correctly.

2. Replace with nothing

That’s right. Get used to saying nothing at all.

Pay attention to how you feel when you don’t react to any of your negative thoughts.

Get comfortable with not giving them power.

This might be more difficult than you imagined, and that’s okay.

You’ve been conditioned to absorb negativity.

3. Incorporate positive affirmations

Now’s the time to start saying positive affirmations…

You can say them to yourself internally or out loud. 

The best positive affirmations are always in the present tense, include positive words, and are spoken as a fact and the truth.

The most powerful affirmations are the ones that turn your negative thoughts into positive ones. 

Using the examples above, start saying:

🏆 I am worthy and lovable.

🏆 I love me.

🏆 I am healing more and more every day.

(If this is still too difficult for you, try saying something like, “I am open to believing these affirmations“.)

And now…

4. Repeat the process

Using inner child healing affirmations correctly takes practice and dedication.

Let me say that again.

It takes practice, practice, and more practice.

You won’t be able to say these affirmations for healing your inner child once and feel much different.

In fact, the first couple of times you practice them, you might even feel defeated, because they didn’t really work at all.

(Remember, try saying “I’m open to believing these affirmations” if they seem too out of reach.)

But keep at it.

Keep letting go of negative affirmations, getting comfortable with the silence, and then incorporating positive affirmations.

Positive Affirmations to Heal Your Inner Child

If you’re not sure about affirmations, really take the time to practice them with an open mind.

Take the time to really believe in them and their power.

It’s best if you say these loving and powerful inner child affirmations both morning and night for 21 days straight.

That’s when you’ll really start to see a difference in your self-esteem and how you view yourself!

Your childhood trauma and neglect is valid

Having a bad childhood filled with abuse and neglect can feel incredibly isolating.

But I promise: You are not alone.

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Healing Affirmations for Inner Child