60 Different Ways to Tell Your Anxiety to Shut Up

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Don’t you ever wish you could tell anxiety to shut up?

I’ve had anxiety since I was at least 4 years old, but it took until the last year or so to really try and get my anxiety in check.

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to fight my anxiety or avoiding certain things that made me uncomfortable, but that only made my anxiety worse.

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One thing I’ve learned is that you shouldn’t fight your anxiety. 

You should try and accept the emotions you’re feeling.

Try to sit with the uncomfortable for as long as you can.

This probably won’t get rid of your anxiety, but it will help you realize that your anxiety isn’t going to kill you.

Another way to try to accept and relieve your anxiety is to tell it exactly how you’re feeling.

Every once in a while you gotta tell your anxiety to just shut the hell up.

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How to Tell Your Anxiety to Shut Up

  1. Fuck you
  2. You are my bitch
  3. You have no control over me anymore
  4. I’m allowed to make mistakes
  5. Your advice is terrible
  6. Nobody asked you
  7. I’m tired of your shit
  8. Quit breathing my air
  9. Learn to hold your tongue
  10. Shut your face
  11. Enough already
  12. Shut your pie hole
  13. Put a sock in it
  14. Quiet!
  15. Pipe down
  16. Cut the crap
  17. Uh-huh Uh-huh Uh-huh
  18. Zip it
  19. Be quiet
  20. You’re making me upset
  21. Quit your complaining
  22. Shut your peeper
  23. Knock it off
  24. Pretty please, will you stop talking?
  25. Shhhh
  26. Don’t make me put a muzzle on you
  27. Shut your trap
  28. Can it!
  29. Stop talking already
  30. Are you done yet?
  31. You’re taking up too much space again
  32. No one cares what you have to say
  33. Go back to bed
  34. You’re just being cranky
  35. Enough with your jibber jabber
  36. Brain, please, stop
  37. Yeah, I hear ya. I hear ya
  38. Nobody likes a complainer
  39. I’m gonna ask you to lose your attitude
  40. Hush it
  41. REALLY?
  42. Cut it out
  43. Quit whining
  44. Shush
  45. Shut the fuck up
  46. Great advice. I’ll take it and shove it up your butt
  47. Put a cork in it
  48. Quit yapping
  49. “DID I STUTTER?!” – Stanely, The Office
  50. Keep it down
  51. Silence!
  52. Button your lip
  53. Here we go again…
  54. I will control you
  55. I am better than you
  56. I am better without you
  57. I am powerful.
  58. You are no longer powerful
  59. You are not going to hurt me anymore
  60. I will be victorious

Telling Your Anxiety to Shut Up

Keep in mind, you are almost 100% not going to be able to use any of these when you’re having a panic attack.

I use these when I’m facing my everyday, inconvenient anxiety that I have because of my generalized anxiety and social disorder.

Have you ever told your anxiety to shut up? What phrases have you used?

Must-Have Anxiety Checklist: 10 Essentials to Manage Your Anxiety

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2 thoughts on “60 Different Ways to Tell Your Anxiety to Shut Up

  1. I’m curious how much this would work when it seems to give attention to the anxiety…kind of like feeding the trolls on the Internet. On the other hand… I really like it! Especially the line “Nobody asked you..” It’s very to the point and could shake you out of a negative spiral.

    • I agree! For me, it’s about acknowledging anxiety is there but not letting anxiety grow roots.

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