101 Life-Restoring Reasons to Keep Living

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101 Reasons to Keep Living

When you live with mental illness, sometimes it can be difficult finding reasons to keep living.

People know that you are never alone in your fight.

And please remember that there are so, so, so many reasons to carry on.

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If you are feeling suicidal, here is a list of worldwide suicide prevention hotlines. There is help.

Need a reason to keep living?

1. Nature is damn beautiful

2. The sun always rises

3. Putting your bare feet in the ocean

4. Dance parties at one in the morning

5. Laughing until you cry

6. Doggie cuddles in bed

7. Driving to look at all the Christmas decorations

8. Late night conversations of happy memories

9. Chamomile tea first thing in the morning

10. Laying in the grass and watching the clouds go by

11. Winning at a board game

12. Chocolate

13. First kisses

14. Cuddling while playing video games

15. Fuzzy socks

16. Finger painting

17. Finding good makeup at Dollar Tree

18. Late night walks outside

19. Movie marathons on Sunday

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20. Halloween time

21. Falling in love

22. Fondue parties

23. Inside jokes

24. Black and white photography

25. Quoting lines of your favorite movies

26. Lighting candles when the power goes out

27. Making shadow puppets on the wall

28. Watching horror movies at the movie theater on opening weekend

29. Finding constellations in the night sky

30. Light summer breezes

31. Completing a DIY project

32. Finding the perfect lipstick

33. Helping others in need

34. Disney World

35. Giving presents to others

36. Slicing open the perfect avocado

37. Drinking a homemade smoothie

38. The jokes on Laffy Taffy wrappers

39. Classic Disney movies

40. Blowing dandelions

41. Pizza

42. The smell of campfires

43. Stopping to play at a random neighborhood park

44. Hiking in a forest preserve

45. Bike rides at the beginning of June

46. Discovering a new vegan restaurant

47. Taking really unattractive pictures of yourself

48. Making friendship bracelets

49. Writing a poem you’re proud of

50. Finishing a good book for the first time

51. Seeing wild animals in your backyard

52. Making an instant connection to others

53. Reading a meaningful quote at the right time

54. Talking about the same memories over and over again and never getting tired of them

55. Having a picnic in an obscure spot

56. Not being able to finish a story because you’re laughing too hard

57. Watching movie trailers

58. Earning enough Swagbucks to get a free gift card

59. Finding your new favorite restaurant

60. Belting out to Disney songs

61. Walking around your house with no pants on

62. A quiet house to write in

63. Finishing an entire chapstick without losing it

64. A part of you never growing up

65. Shoveling the snow then going in to have a big cup of hot chocolate

66. Snuggling in clean blankets straight from the dryer

67. Picking out the perfect paint color at Home Depot

68. Awesome finds in the clearance section at Target

69. Stumbling across a forgotten beloved movie in the thrift store DVD collection

70. Looking outside and seeing a rainbow

71. Compliments from complete strangers

72. Catching lightning bugs in your hands

73. Making awesome things out of Play-Doh

74. Having a good hair day

75. Playing with the animals at the shelter

76. Soaking in decadent bubble baths

77. Jumping in a freshly raked pile of leaves

78. Getting a positive checkup at the dentist

79. Smelling flowers and having them stick to your nose

80. When someone scratches your back and gets the perfect spot

81. Drawing murals with chalk

82. Hot summer days with ice-cold pools

83. Building forts of blankets and couch cushions

84. Grandmas who always overfeed

85. You got through another day

86. Tomorrow is a brand new day

87. You’re getting stronger every single day

88. Creating new dreams you can conquer

89. Knowing that there is only one you on this planet

90. Being so damn proud of yourself

91. There are people who care

92. Learning that you are important

93. There is still so much to discover

94. Every day is a new learning experience

95. You’ve made it this far

96. Recovery is possible

97. Your heart is still beating

98. It will get better

99. We need you here

100. You are a warrior

101. One day you’ll look back and say “I made it”

Reasons to keep on living

If you are fighting for your life, I truly am sorry.

I care. You are so important.

If you are feeling suicidal, here is a list of worldwide suicide prevention hotlines

Please get the help you need and deserve.

Keep fighting. Keep living.

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Reasons to Keep Living