15 Mind-Blowing Free YouTube Tarot Reading Channels (for 2023)

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Free Tarot Reading on YouTube

If you’re looking for an answer to a burning life question, a free YouTube tarot reading might be just what you’re looking for.

They are incredibly accurate; it’s almost scary. They teach you a lot about life and your current circumstances.

If you don’t know where to start, read more to find 10 of my favorite free YouTube tarot readers.

But first things first.

For all things spiritual (including tarot, astrology, aliens, and ancient history) start your free Gaia trial today, which is like a metaphysical Netflix!

How Do You Use YouTube Free Tarot Readings?

Getting the most out of a tarot reading on YouTube is actually really simple!

When you click on a video, you’ll usually get an initial gravitational pull to pick a certain pile of cards laid out on the screen.

However, you can choose as many piles as you’re drawn to.

Then the YouTuber will give their intuitive reading on each pile.

Yes, it’s really that simple!

If it resonates, take the information in. If certain parts of the reading don’t apply to you, just let that information go.

At the end of the day, we all have free will. Nothing is really set in stone, so you have the power to change circumstances.

10 Free YouTube Tarot Reading Channels


If you’re looking for Pick A Card tarot card readings, as well as insight on manifestation and alchemy, The Gem Goddess is one of the best YouTube channels around.

I love that her camera is set up in a way that makes seeing the cards she draws incredibly easy to see.


Stargirl the Practical Witch was the first tarot reader on YouTube I came across.

You’ll also find astrological predictions on her channel, as well as different witchy spells, if you’re into that sorta thing.


Shonnetta’s Divine Tarot is such a down to earth tarot card reader.

I love that she shuffles the cards in real-time as she does her readings.

She also does weekly tarot readings, as well as readings for each New Moon and Full Moon.


I recently discovered The Insightful Intuitive, and let me tell ya…I’m so glad I did.

Her free tarot readings are done in real-time, and they’re incredibly thorough.

She even does a monthly reading for each zodiac sign, so you can really get a feel for what’s to come.

5. HAPPY TWINS 11:11

Happy Twins 11:11 focuses primarily on love and relationships.

Her tone is gentle, yet she’s not afraid to tell you the truth. Which is so, so needed.

6. ALICE – LoveExistsVisions

You won’t find any hi-tech, fancy setups on Alice – LoveExistsVisions. But you will find lots and lot of Pick A Card tarot readings on love and relationships. 

Whenever I watch her readings, I feel like I’m hanging out with a friend.


Roseology’s channel focuses on a variety of tarot reading topics, from general life to astrology.

She’s so calming and has a healing energy about her, which I love.


At Naked Soul’s channel, you’ll find numerous Pick A Card readings for all different types of life’s questions.

There’s no fancy set up here. Just the message you need to hear.


Charmed Intuition Tarot is such a fun tarot reader.

Instead of just having cards to choose from, she’ll also include various objects to help take the readings to a whole other level.


For primarily astrology Pick A Card readings, check out Universal Intuition.

She divides each sign into its own video, so it’s super convenient and easy to find.


From astrology to general topics, BehatiLife offers a wide range of Pick A Card readings.

She’s super accurate, thorough, and down to earth.


The Tarot Priest does a wide array of timeless tarot readings.

If you want readings that are intuitive and detailed, definitely check them out!


Lumiere provides gentle and sympathetic readings predominately about love and relationships.

If you like seeing the tarot reader while you watch, give her channel a try.


For readings that are high energy, watch Big Empress Energy.

As she says, you’ll receive “beautiful, bountiful blessings.”

Can Tarot Help Me?

Sometimes when you need insight on something you’re struggling with, watching a couple Pick A Card tarot readings can help you come to a decision or conclusion

They can be scary accurate and teach you a lot about yourself.

Gaia is a fantastic way to learn more about tarot and all things spiritual. Click here to start your free trial!

Have you ever watched a tarot reading to help you?

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  1. Mona

    It looks like these were posted in Sept 2019. So the reading isn’t based on current energy. The reader I chose talked about a full moon and this week we aren’t having a full moon….in two days there will be a new moon. Did I miss something? Perhaps a way or a place to click and “refresh” the list of readers/readings? So, I don’t understand the purpose of sitting through this reading, which I decided not to, unless I want to piece together what was happening in Sept to explain what I was experiencing or see if the predictions for the near future developed the way she read the cards.

    • Hi Mona! The videos I provided are examples of the style each tarot reader specializes in. To find more recent videos, click the bold pink link to your preferred channel to head over to their respected YouTube channels. I hope this clears up any confusion!

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