101 Everyday Triggers of Anxiety

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Although I’ve lived with mental illness my whole life, I am not a medical professional. If you need help finding a mental health care provider, call 1-800-662-HELP (4357) or visit BetterHelp to talk to a certified therapist online at an affordable price. This post contains affiliate links. You can read my full disclaimer.

Anxiety is induced by triggers. 

From anxiety-induced tantrums as a child to being triggered by my boyfriend, there has never been a day of my life where I wasn’t faced with some type of anxiety. And you know what? Shit gets hard.

But I know I’m not alone.

Many of us are faced with triggers every single day of our lives. So what else do I do but compile a list of all my personal battles?

Most of these triggers I like to avoid like the plague. But some of these triggers are actually things I really enjoy, so it’s a constant battle for me. I know many people I’m close to also struggle with a lot of these triggers as well.

Here are 101 everyday triggers of anxiety:

101 Everyday Triggers of Anxiety

  1. Texting someone back
  2. When someone doesn’t respond back right away
  3. Calling on the phone
  4. Answering a phone call
  5. Getting someone’s phone number
  6. Being around alcohol
  7. Thinking my dad is going choke on vomit from drinking too much
  8. Telling people I don’t drink
  9. Being around meat
  10. Ordering a vegan meal at a non-vegan restaurant
  11. Eating out at a restaurant
  12. Telling people I don’t eat meat
  13. Wondering if this meal has some type of animal stock in it
  14. Speaking my unpopular opinions
  15. Crowded places
  16. Getting a haircut
  17. Having a bad hair day
  18. Mismatched socks
  19. Working retail
  20. Going on the register
  21. Music that’s too loud
  22. Seeing blood
  23. Getting stared at
  24. Heights
  25. Rides at amusement parks
  26. Small spaces
  27. The dark
  28. Bad drivers
  29. Driving on the highway
  30. Anyone else driving the car but me
  31. When people don’t wear seatbelts
  32. People dying
  33. Hearing an ambulance
  34. Hospitals
  35. Being outside alone
  36. Spending money
  37. Not having enough money
  38. Confrontation
  39. Constructive criticism
  40. Asking for help
  41. When people don’t turn off the water
  42. When people leave the light on
  43. When people don’t wash their hands after going to the bathroom
  44. When people brush their teeth before they eat
  45. Reading out loud
  46. Other people reading what I’ve written
  47. Cracking people’s backs
  48. Other people cracking their necks
  49. When my nails aren’t painted
  50. Wearing dirty clothes
  51. Trying on new clothes
  52. Being in a swimsuit
  53. Emailing people
  54. Being made fun of
  55. Meeting someone new
  56. Talking to my boyfriend’s parents
  57. Talking to my boyfriend’s friends
  58. Someone pointing out my hyperhidrosis
  59. Making decisions
  60. Not being able to make a decision
  61. Being yelled at
  62. Being around loud noises
  63. Going to the doctor
  64. Going to the dentist
  65. Someone else holding a knife
  66. Shaving my knees
  67. Traveling
  68. Being away from home
  69. Trying something new
  70. Not being able to predict the future
  71. Never getting married
  72. Never having kids
  73. Feeling stupid
  74. Not being able to fall asleep
  75. Not being able to stay asleep
  76. Being alone with an older man
  77. Being catcalled
  78. When something is crooked
  79. Not being able to understand what someone is saying
  80. When people speak another language around me
  81. Relapsing
  82. Not being able to self-harm
  83. It not being quiet when I’m trying to concentrate
  84. Not being able to concentrate
  85. Looking greasy
  86. Going to a movie theater with strangers in it
  87. When my dogs don’t listen
  88. Playing board games
  89. Beauty products not being cruelty-free
  90. Things not being able to fit in the fridge
  91. Writing with a pencil
  92. It being to bright
  93. Walking in the woods
  94. Answering the door
  95. People who chew too loud
  96. When people talk to themselves
  97. When people are rude
  98. Being out of control
  99. Thinking about my anxiety
  100. Having an anxiety attack
  101. Making a list of my triggers

Try making your own trigger list. Once you recognize your triggers, you’re already on the road to recovery.

What are some of your anxiety triggers? How do you deal with them?

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