101 Expressive Throat Chakra Affirmations (for Improving Communication and Inner Truth)

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Throat Chakra Affirmations

Speaking positive affirmations to activate your throat chakra is a powerful way to fill your life with better communication, listening skills, and self-expression

The 101 throat chakra affirmations featured in this post are incredibly transformative and life-altering.

When you add these healing phrases to your everyday life, you can start to feel more confident, honest, and authentic.


Chakra work has been pivotal in my inner child healing journey.

Trauma (especially from childhood) can really throw your chakras out of balance.

Therapy can be a key factor in being able to work through this trauma and help open your chakras.

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While there are many chakra systems, I mainly use the Western Chakra System that’s comprised of seven chakras.

An infographic of the 7 main chakras. On the left is says the names of the chakras. On the right, it describes them.

By this definition, chakras are a network of seven major energy centers arranged vertically along the core of your body.

These spinning wheels of energy correspond to major organs, bundles of nerves, and other areas of our body that affect us emotionally and physically.

When our chakras are “open” and aligned, we can live a healthier, more fulfilling life.

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The throat chakra (Visuddha) is the fifth chakra, which deals with all things communication, self-expression, and inner truth.

The throat chakra rules:

⭐ Speaking
⭐ Conversations
⭐ Listening skills
⭐ Creative expression
⭐ Individual truth
⭐ Honesty

Working on your throat chakra can help you speak your truth and honor your inner voice.

Let me ask you something…How many times have you gone to say something, but it felt like your throat closed up?

Yep! That’s a throat chakra blockage right in action!


💔 Afraid to speak up
💔 Dishonesty
💔 Miscommunication
💔 Being dominated
💔 Neck pain
💔 Thyroid problems
💔 Frequent headaches
💔 Dental problems

How are your chakras?

You can determine where you’re currently at in your chakra journey by taking this short quiz here.

Now that you know how open/closed your throat chakra is, it’s time to discover 101 affirmations created for healing your throat chakra.

101 Affirmations for Throat Chakra

1. I have powerful things to say.

2. People are engaged when I speak.

3. I only speak the truth.

4. I communicate openly and honestly.

5. I proudly speak my boundaries.

6. People care about what I have to say.

7. Others value me and my opinions.

8. My voice is sturdy and strong.

9. Speaking my mind comes easily to me.

10. I always know the right things to say.

11. My intuition guides my words.

12. I speak words like poems.

13. I flow with conversations with ease.

14. I actively listen when others are talking.

15. Conversation is entertaining for me.

16. Meeting people is something I look forward to.

17. It’s easy for me to go up to strangers when I need help.

18. It’s safe for me to speak directly and to the point.

19. I speak clearly and eloquently.

20. My voice is the perfect audible volume.

21. I have valuable things to say.

22. Expressing myself through words comes naturally to me.

23. When I share my words, I share my heart.

24. I am a courageous public speaker.

25. Public speaking is a fun way for me to express myself.

26. I confidently speak my truth.

27. When I talk, people take notice.

28. I maintain eye contact when I communicate.

29. I think before I speak to avoid miscommunication.

30. I am comfortable saying no.

31. It’s safe for me to turn down invitations.

32. When I communicate honestly, my self-worth increases.

33. My opinions matter.

34. My voice is valuable.

35. Today, I release all fears of speaking my mind.

36. I stand my ground and protect myself.

37. I clearly voice my needs.

38. Every day I speak my mind.

39. Small talk is practice for deeper conversations.

40. I make conversations with others easily.

41. I feel confident talking with others.

42. The more talkative I become, the more confident I feel.

43. Every part of my personality shines.

44. I accept compliments with ease, because I know I am worthy of them.

45. I let go of all negative self-talk.

46. It’s safe for me to speak imperfectly.

47. It’s okay if I stutter. It makes me human.

48. I freely speak what’s on my mind.

49. It takes very little effort to communicate my needs.

50. Others understand what I’m saying right away.

51. I speak articulately and right to the point.

52. My words are filled with kindness.

53. I speak from the goodness of my heart.

54. I refuse to engage in any conversation involving gossip and bullying.

55. People feel safe talking with me.

56. I proudly keep other people’s secrets close to me.

57. Conversations are equal parts talking and listening.

58. I pause before I speak to avoid any form of miscommunication.

59. I offer incredible insight to anyone asking for advice.

60. The advice I give helps drastically improve lives.

61. I speak with great wisdom.

62. Speaking my boundaries comes naturally to me.

63. I release the weight of past arguments.

64. My voice remains level and calm during disagreements.

65. Today, I choose to speak my mind.

66. Others view me as knowledgeable and wise.

67. My voice is calm and steady.

68. I give my undivided attention when I listen to others.

69. My listening skills are top tier.

70. Working with groups stimulates my mind.

71. When in group settings, I openly speak my mind.

72. I offer a unique perspective.

73. I authentically speak from my heart. 

74. My personality radiates when I’m in my element.

75. People gravitate toward my words.

76. I make others burst out with laughter when I make jokes.

77. I am naturally gifted and charismatic.

78. I bring both humor and wisdom to every conversation.

79. I limit my use of self-deprecating humor.

80. I proudly share my accomplishments.

81. Every day, I fill myself up with loving words and kindness.

82. It is safe for me to express the deepest feelings of my soul.

83. My voice needs to be heard.

84. When I speak from the heart, others feel safe to express their heart.

85. I openly share my wants and needs.

86. When conversations get heated, I pause before speaking.

87. I am mastering communication more and more every day.

88. My words move freely through my body.

89. I express myself through words and actions.

90. People trust what I have to say.

91. I am open to new ideas.

92. I am confident enough to speak my likes and dislikes.

93. Whenever I speak, I bring value to the conversation.

94. Every day, I listen with intent and interest.

95. I feel immense peace in silence and stillness.

96. My authenticity powers my words.

97. The world sees my truest self.

98. I believe these throat chakra affirmations are making significant changes in all areas of my life.

99. My throat chakra is balanced.

100. My throat chakra is open.

101. Today, and every day, I choose to live, speak, and breathe my truth.


Now that you have read these throat chakra affirmations, let’s see how you can correctly apply them. ⤵️

1. Let go of negative affirmations

If your throat chakra is blocked, you most likely say things that are hurtful and untrue to yourself.

Have you said things like:

🚫 I can’t get my point across.

🚫 I have such a hard time paying attention.

🚫 People will judge me if I express myself.

Not only are these negative statements completely untrue, but these statements also block your throat charka the more you think and speak them.

This means they are incredibly destructive to your self-expression, your communication skills, and your ability to speak your honest truth.

So as soon as you catch yourself thinking these negative thoughts, pause and stop yourself.

Letting go of negative affirmations (aka negative self-talk) might be the most important step in learning to use affirmations correctly.

2. Replace with nothing

Yeah, you heard me correctly.

Just pause and stop.

When your throat chakra is blocked and imbalanced, you might feel like you’ve been conditioned to be a horrible communicator.

This might make stopping negative self-talk more difficult than you imagined.

But try your best at getting comfortable with not giving negative words your power.

3. Incorporate positive affirmations

Now’s the time to start saying positive affirmations…

I personally love saying them out loud to throat chakra frequency (384Hz or 741Hz).

Take note: The best positive affirmations are always in the present tense, include positive words, and are spoken as a fact and the truth.

The most powerful affirmations are the ones that turn your negative thoughts into positive ones. 

Using the examples above, start saying:

🏆 I easily communicate my needs.

🏆 My listening skills are improving every day.

🏆 Self-expression is authentically fun.

(If this is still too difficult for you, try saying something like, “I am open to believing these affirmations“.)

And now…

4. Repeat the process

Using healing throat chakra affirmations correctly takes practice and dedication.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to say these affirmations once and feel drastically more aligned and balanced.

In fact, the first couple of times you speak them, you might even feel defeated and annoyed.

(Remember, try saying “I’m open to believing these affirmations” if they seem too out of reach.)

But keep at it.

Keep letting go of negative affirmations, getting comfortable with the silence, and then incorporating positive affirmations.

Positive Affirmations to Heal Your Throat Chakra

If you’re still unsure about affirmations, really try to open your mind.

Dedicate the time to really believe in them and their power.

Because these throat chakra affirmations can be incredibly transformative.

Signs of an open and balanced throat chakra:

⭐ Great communicator
⭐ Active listening
⭐ Clear speaker
⭐ Self-expressive
⭐ Honest
⭐ Inner truth
⭐ Confidence

I highly recommend saying these powerful throat chakra affirmations both morning and night for 21 days straight.

That’s when you’ll really start to see a difference in communication and how you express yourself!

💾 Bookmark this page for when you need a reminder to strengthen your listening skills, conversation skills, and self-expression. 

Affirmations for the chakras:

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Healing Throat Chakra Affirmations