101 Affirmations for Shame (to Forgive and Accept Yourself)

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Affirmations for Shame

Speaking healing affirmations for shame can help you truly accept who you are at your core.

Whether you need to forgive yourself or learn to love yourself, these 101 shame affirmations can help you be less self-critical and more self-accepting.

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Living with shame can cause deep depression and low self-esteem.

Warning signs of toxic shame ⤵️

💔 Feeling self-conscious
💔 Withdrawing from others
💔 Feeling guilty
💔 Seeking constant reassurance
💔 Being overly apologetic
💔 Feeling worthless
💔 Lacking boundaries
💔 Becoming defensive

When you live with chronic shame, it’s nearly impossible to have self-acceptance and self-love.

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The goal of affirmations for shame is to stop constantly being riddled with guilt, worthlessness, and poor self-esteem.

No matter how silly you think reading affirmations is, your brain needs to hear them.

Because life becomes a lot more fulfilling when you learn to accept yourself and forgive your mistakes.

It’s time to fill your head with these 101 mantras and affirmations for shame (that are filled with so much self-forgiveness!).

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101 Shame Affirmations

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1. I am worthy of self-love and acceptance.

2. I am deserving of a life free from guilt and shame.

3. My mistakes do not define me.

4. I am capable of growth and learning.

5. I embrace self-compassion and self-forgiveness.

6. Every day, I choose to stop going down the path of self-hatred.

7. I release the need to compare myself to others.

8. I am enough exactly as I am.

9. I honor my unique journey.

10. I am thankful for the lessons my mistakes have given me.

11. Making mistakes makes me beautifully human.

12. Today, I release all feelings of guilt.

13. Every morning, I inhale empathy.

14. Every night, I exhale shame.

15. The more I forgive myself, the more I set myself free.

Speak these self-love affirmations:

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16. I am proud of who I am.

17. I congratulate myself for all that I have accomplished.

18. I am capable of creating a positive and fulfilling life.

19. When I release my anger, I relax into inner peace.

20. I am a mentally strong person. 

21. I am radiant and resilient.

22. With every breath, I am skilled at overcoming any obstacle.

23. Every day, I am moving forward from my past.

24. The progress I make is easily measurable.

25. I am healing in outstanding, clear ways.

26. Compassion runs through my bloodstream.

27. Forgiveness allows my heart to soften.

28. I am kind to myself no matter what decision I make.

29. I live with my imperfections with grace and understanding.

30. Every day, I love myself more and more.

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31. I completely accept my past and who I am today.

32. I choose to focus on my strengths and successes.

33. I no longer dwell on my perceived failures.

34. I know I am a good person.

35. My heart is soft and gentle.

36. My life flows better when my heart is open.

37. When I release my shame, I heal my soul.

38. I am proud of being a work in progress.

39. I am not characterized by my mistakes 

40. My past experiences don’t represent who I am.

41. I am flawed, and that’s perfectly okay.

42. I live my life with tenderness.

43. Gentleness is my baseline.

44. My heart bursts with self-love and gratitude.

45. I radiate self-compassion.

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46. I am empowered every time I choose self-love.

47. Every action I take is from a heart-centered place.

48. Being self-critical does not serve me.

49. I am my biggest source of healing.

50. When I forgive myself, I take care of myself.

51. I am meant to live a life free from self-hatred.

52. Self-care greatly overpowers self-destruction.

53. Self-acceptance rules my life.

54. I accept myself for the poor decisions I have made.

55. My mistakes teach me incredible lessons.

56. I live with my imperfections with grace and understanding.

57. I am responsible for managing my own life.

58. I am responsible for my own happiness and wellbeing.

59. Every day, I choose to be kind to myself — no matter what.

60. I am deserving of happiness and joy in all areas of my life.

Speak these to your inner child:

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61. I acknowledge my self-worth.

62. I am worthy of love and belonging.

63. I accept myself for all that I am.

64. I am a loveable person.

65. With every breath, I focus on my strengths and positive qualities.

66. I am capable of learning from my mistakes and growing as a person.

67. I release the shame trapped in my body.

68. I forgive myself for any mistakes I’ve made.

69. My shortcomings give me room to level up.

70. I am proud of the progress I’ve made.

71. Life’s greatest lessons are taught during moments of pain.

72. I recognize that shame is a natural emotion.

73. I understand that I am not alone in my struggles.

74. I can safely reach out for support.

75. There is no shame in seeking help.

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76. I am stronger and more resilient than I give myself credit for.

77. I am capable of handling all difficult situations that come my way.

78. Regardless of my past, I am free to make my own choices.

79. I am empowered to create my own path.

80. I base every decision on self-trust.

81. I let other people’s negativities roll off my back.

82. The shield around my heart is dissolving.

83. Loves completely centers me.

84. I have the empathy, compassion, and gratitude to make my life a happier place.

85. I am allowed to make mistakes and learn from them without feeling ashamed.

86. Compassion constantly guides me through my life.

87. I am worthy of receiving kindness and empathy.

88. I am worthy of praise and compliments.

89. I love myself more with each passing day.

90. I outwardly express love for my entire being.

Speak these affirmations with these meditations:

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91. Forgiveness is a gift I give myself.

92. I will continue to grow from a place of self-love.

93. When I accept myself unconditionally, wonderful things flow to me.

94. Releasing resentment nourishes my soul.

95. Being gentle with myself brings magical blessings to my life.

96. I believe these affirmations for healing shame are making massive changes in all areas of my life.

97. I believe in myself and my abilities to take care of my wellbeing.

98. I validate my self-worth.

99. I honor my history and look forward to my future.

100. Today, I choose to live, speak, and breathe my healing.

101. Today, and every day, I choose me.

Positive Affirmations for Shame

Remember, affirmations can be — and should be! — personalized and adapted to fit your unique needs and situations.

If you’re not sure about affirmations, really take the time to practice them with an open mind.

Take the time to really believe in them and their power.

Because when you speak these shame affirmations daily, that’s when you’ll really start to see an improvement in your self-esteem and how you accept yourself!

💾 Bookmark this page to return to read these affirmations over and over again.

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Affirmations for Healing Shame