10 Solutions for How to Get in Touch with Your Emotions (When They’re Blocked)

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How to Get in Touch with Your Emotions

When you have a hard time registering how you feel, you might be wondering how to get in touch with your emotions.

I wish I could offer you an easy solution, but that’s just not realistic.

In reality, when all of the 10 options recommended below are used together, that’s when you’ll see the most significant changes.

What does it mean to be in touch with your emotions?

I’ve noticed that being emotionally mature and being able to connect with your feelings doesn’t come easily in this world.

However, there are some telltale signs of emotional maturity, such as…

Being in touch with your emotions means:

👉 You recognize that emotions have underlying causes.

👉 You accept the negatives.

👉 You’re empathetic.

👉 You see the bigger picture.

👉 You de-escalate arguments.

👉 You’re honest with yourself (and others!)

Of course, these are just a few signs of being in touch with your emotions.

And on the contrary, you may have a hard time recognizing how you feel.

Why can’t I connect with my emotions?

Well…in simple terms, your emotions might be blocked.

Reasons for emotional blockages:

👉 Childhood trauma: Were you punished for having big feelings?

👉 Generational patterns: Were you taught that being mad is bad?

👉 Societal expectations: Were you taught that crying is weak?

These are just few reasons your emotions might be blocked.

Speaking of blocked emotions, have you downloaded your free inner child healing workbook yet to start working through them? 👇

To unblock your emotions, try these 10 ways to get in touch with your feelings.

10 Ways to Get in Touch with Your Emotions


Having a trusted family member or friend to talk to is huge, but sometimes even loved ones can be invalidating and hurtful.

That’s why I am a hugeeee advocate of therapy — because therapists go through years of training to be able to help you get in touch with your emotions.

Finding a therapist you connect with can make all the difference in helping you uncork years of bottled up emotions.

I recommend Online Therapy

I always recommend Online Therapy to my readers at Okay Now Breathe, because it is a complete therapy toolkit.

(Meaning, you’ll get worksheets, journal prompts, and informational hands-on tools on top of therapy!)

What’s included in one monthly price ⤵️

⭐ Live video, voice, or text chat session with your therapist

⭐ 8 easy-to-follow sections, including 25 worksheets

⭐ Activity plan, journal, and tests

⭐ Yoga and meditation videos

What I love about Online Therapy is that you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home.

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Having a feelings wheel can be pivotal in helping you connect with your emotions.

The feelings wheel is a color-coded wheel designed to help you recognize and put words to your feelings.

Not only do they provide better descriptors for your emotions, but they remind you that your feelings and emotions have underlying causes.

For example, you might be feeling angry and irritable. But under the surface, you’re experiencing intense anxiety.

Having a feelings wheel can help you better decipher the underlying issues.



If you’re someone who menstruates, you might be aware of just how much your cycle can impact your moods and emotions.

Tracking your cycle can help you get drastically more in touch with your emotions and your body.

Luckily, I created this pack of period trackers to help you keep track of your moods throughout the month.

On a light blue background, there is a mockup of 4 period tracker printables.


✨ Monthly PMS Tracker
✨ Monthly Mood + Energy Tracker
✨ Monthly Period Diary
✨ Yearly Period Tracker

👉 Use the code PERIOD to get 10% off these period trackers!


Connecting with your inner child is a massive step in being able to connect with your emotions.

If you have no idea where to begin with connecting with your inner child, well…you’re in luck.

Okay Now Breathe is dedicated to inner child healing.

Read these inner child posts ⤵️

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Sometimes writing just to write can help you get in touch with your emotions.

But I get it…sometimes you can have complete and utter writer’s block.

If you’re at a total loss at what to write, try setting a 10 minute timer and start with the sentence “I don’t know what to write”.

You should then be able to write why you don’t know what to write, and the words should just flow from there.

Having writer’s block ⤵️

One of the reasons you might not be able to journal about your feelings is because your thoughts and feelings were constantly invalidated when you were growing up.

If you can relate to this, you’ll probably find value in my Inner Child Healing Journal, because writing every thought trapped inside is an invaluable exercise for healing your inner child.

This means it’ll be much easier to connect with your emotions.

Inner Child Healing Journal is designed to help you ⤵️

⭐ Locate the pivotal events in your life that shaped you into who you are today

⭐ Identify the impact your parents, siblings, and childhood friends have had on you

⭐ Learn to validate your childhood trauma and experiences

⭐ Release hidden emotional pain blocking you from healing



Creativity can unleash so many blocked emotions, helping you get in touch with your feelings.

Creative activities to try ⤵️

⭐ Write a poem or song


⭐ Play with Play-Doh

Remember, you don’t have to be “good” at something in order to enjoy it.

You’re allowed to have fun and embrace your creative, emotional side.


I think we can all agree that music speaks when we can’t find the words.

That’s why listening to music can bring all your emotions to the surface.

Check out these song recommendations ⤵️

⭐ 40 Child Abuse Songs (When You Had a Bad Childhood)

⭐ 28 Incredibly Relatable Songs About Social Anxiety

⭐ 10 Empowering Songs About Self-Acceptance

⭐ 10 Best Positive Songs to Hear to Help Depression

Whatever you listen to, I highly recommend listening to a favorite album of yours from when you were a kid or teenager.

That way, you’ll be able to deepen the connection you have with your younger self.


One of my favorite ways to connect with my emotions is to do a tarot reading.

If you’re a complete newbie to tarot, you can find loads of free pick a card readings on YouTube.

(A word of advice: they will be scarily accurate.)

And if you’re ready to walk down the path of reading your own tarot and oracle cards, you can find countless of tarot and oracle deck recommendations here on Okay Now Breathe.

Deck recommendations ⤵️

⭐ 18 Deliciously Dark Shadow Work Tarot Decks (for Inner Healing)

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27 Halloween Tarot and Oracle Decks (So Spooky!)

But like I said, if you’re a total newbie to tarot, check out one of these tarot readers first!


If you’re a novice at meditating, you’re probably totally overwhelmed by the concept of meditation.

And while meditating can take some time getting used to, it’s a super beneficial exercise for connecting with your emotions!

Meditation benefits ⤵️

⭐ Less anxiety and depression

⭐ Less stress and feelings of overwhelm

⭐ Learning to be mindful and stay in the moment longer

⭐ Increased feelings of happiness

⭐ Promoted positive mental health

⭐ Improved sleep

⭐ Reduced anger

⭐ Feelings of clarity and calm

Yep, meditating can be huge for feeling allllll the feels.

I recommend this meditation ⤵️

This unguided inner child healing meditation (created by my husband and me) is designed to help you release old childhood wounds, internal struggles, mental blockages, and self-doubt.

Listen while you meditate, journal, walk, and watch as the emotions come pouring out of you.

👉 Subscribe to Peaceful Awakening Meditations for more life-changing inner child meditations.

I also recommend these meditations:


Chakra work (especially the first five chakras) has been absolutely vital in being connected with my feelings and emotions.

Chakras are a network of seven major energy centers arranged vertically along the core of your body.

These spinning wheels of energy correspond to major organsbundles of nerves, and other areas of our body that affect us emotionally and physically.

You can align your chakras with things like yoga, meditation, and affirmations.

Affirmations to help balance chakras ⤵️

⭐ Root Chakra Affirmations

⭐ Sacral Chakra Affirmations

⭐ Solar Plexus Chakra Affirmations

⭐ Heart Chakra Affirmations

⭐ Throat Chakra Affirmations

Third Eye Affirmations

⭐ Crown Chakra Affirmations

Connecting with your feelings:

We all know that connecting with your feelings and emotions doesn’t come naturally to most people.

This could be because of how you were raised or because you lived through years of childhood trauma.

Having blocked emotions can even simply be because of social pressure and normalities.

Luckily, the combination of the 10 solutions above can help you get in touch with your feelings and emotions once and for all.

💾 Bookmark this page for when you need a reminder on how to reconnect with your emotions.

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How to Get in Touch with Your Feelings and Emotions